University & The Lion King

A new week has started and even though it’s only been two days, university has really tired me out.  Between lectures and studying I really haven’t had time for anything else. On the bright side, today one of my lessons was cancelled so my friend and I ended up going to her house because we had nothing to do at uni. So since she had never watched The Lion King (I don’t know what kind of childhood she had. I mean, she never watched The Lion King? How?) and I told her we should watch it. We obviously did and, call me a kid all you want, but I was singing along and I even got teary-eyed when Mufasa died, like I always do. And watching one of my favourite childhood films now that I’m 19 years old was completely different. You get a whole different perspective of things and you actually realise that it’s more than just a simple children’s movie.

So that’s it for now…


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