Cold Weather Means Two Things

These last couple of weeks, the weather has been pretty rubbish: wind, rain, lightning and thunder, not to mention the cold. Autumn has fully arrived and it doesn’t only mean bad weather, but it also means it’s time for two things:

  1. Tea10755766_376353662514836_1063227329_n
    Even though you don’t need an excuse to drink tea, this cold weather lets you enjoy the whole amazingness of this wonderful drink. I’m a big tea lover. And even if I still drink tea during the summer, it doesn’t feel the same drinking a cup of warm tea when it’s hot outside. It’s much better to drink it when it’s cold and feel it warm you up, as you take a sip, the warmness of the mug also warming up your hands as you hold it. This is the perfect time to sit down with a cup of tea and read your favourite book or watch your favourite series or film. Only if university would let me do that… Unfortunately I don’t have time.
  2. OnesiesIMG_20141114_194335
    It’s getting cold, which means I can finally start wearing my onesies whenever I’m home. I’d never had an onesie till about two years ago when Primark opened in my city. Now I feel like it’s the best thing to wear during winter. Onesies are comfy, warm and cute, as well as cheap (at least the ones from Primark are). When I get home from uni, I immediately take off the clothes I’d been wearing all day and put on one of my onesies, and let me tell you that it’s one of the best feelings to dress up such cosy and loose clothes.

I know Autumn/Winter has way more bright sides than these, as well as negatives ones, but I felt like sharing two of my favourite things about it.


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