Comic Con Portugal

Hello there!

I haven’t made a post in a while, but these last weeks have been really difficult and I’ve been really busy. But, finally, here it is, as promised, the post about Comic Con Portugal.

So Comic Con Portugal happened this year for the first time ever. It was in Exponor, at the beginning of December (5th, 6th and 7th). Being a big series, films and anime enthusiast, I’d wanted to go since I’d heard about it, but it hadn’t been announced anyone special that I had a particular interest in, nor did I have company to go with me. That was until about a month before the event, when they announced that three members of the cast of “Da Vinci’s Demons” were going to be there on December 7th. When my best friend and I heard the news that Tom Riley, Blake Ritson and Elliot Cowan were going to Comic Con, we decided we had to do everything we could to be able to go. And so we did. We planned our day, we bought our tickets and off we went.

Getting up extremely early on a sunday, before 8am, we had a train to catch at around 9. My dad gave me a ride to the train station, where my friend was meeting me, and we soon found out our train was late almost half an hour. Eventually we got on the train and a hour later we were in Porto, getting out of the train station in a hurry and finding ourselves a taxi. We had heard that the day before the queue to get in had been really long, some people had waited around two hours to get in the event. So to say I was worried was an understatement. The Da Vinci’s Demons panel was at 12 and we didn’t have any time to waste, specially with our train being late. You can imagine our surprise when we got to Exponor, the place where Comic Con was being held, and there was no queue, only three or four people in the line in front of us. Apparently all the fuss on Saturday was because Natalie Dormer was there, so it was a pretty chaotic day there with so many people wanting to see her.

Anyway, back to sunday… After getting inside, we immediately went to find the auditorium where the panel was happening, wanting to make sure we had seats. With one hour to spare while we waited for the panel, I decided to finish getting my cosplay ready. I was dressed as the 11th Doctor, because I’m a big Doctor Who fan, so I just finished putting on my bowtie and then went on twitter to pass the time. The cast of Da Vinci’s Demons was late and that just made my friend and I even more nervous. We just wanted to see them already! And we finally did. The panel was amazing! It basically consisted of the audience asking them questions and them answering. My friend managed to ask them a question (just for the sake of it because she had nothing prepared, but she’s such a huge fan that I insisted she did). They were just great! The banter between them, their interaction with the audience… it was just brilliant! One of my favourite moments was when Blake recognised a girl from tumblr that has a blog dedicated to him and said he had something for her. He even knew her name! It was so mind-blowing, if you ask me!

But everything that’s good ends quickly and that’s what happened. So we left the auditorium, had lunch and then prepared to go have a look around the whole thing. There was a lot of anime and manga related stuff for sale, like keyrings, posters, figures, stuffed toys, etc… I went a bit crazy with all of that (I feel sorry for my friend who had to put up with that) and ended up buying a stuffed toy of Happy from Fairy Tail, a necklace with Fairy Tail’s symbol and a keyring of Luffy from One Piece. There were also games for people to play and loads of other stuff.

Other thing I want to talk about is the cosplaying. We saw so many people who were cosplaying, it was amazing! I saw a lot of people cosplaying Doctor Who, which was great because I wasn’t expecting it at all. But my favourite had to be a girl that was cosplaying as Xion from Kingdom Hearts. She looked so much like her! It was brilliant! Everything was on point: the clothes, the hair, the keyblade… oh, the keyblade, it was simply perfect! It was my favourite cosplay I saw the whole day!

In the afternoon, we went to another panel called “Vid You”, where basically some Portuguese youtubers spoke about what they do and how they started posting videos on youtube and things like that. Two youtubers also performed a few songs and it was great! They were amazing! I have to admit I didn’t know most of them. I only knew two and one of them wasn’t even in the panel, but sitting in the first row of the audience. I really liked the panel either way and it got me interested in some of the youtubers that were there. I also managed to take a picture with the two youtubers I knew, which was great! Soon after that, we had to leave, because we had to return to our city.

All in all, it was an incredible day and I sure hope I get the chance to go again next year!

Check out the video I made of it, if you want:


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