Exams & Stress


I know university is different from country to country, but here in Portugal we have two periods of exams: one in January and a bit of February, after Christmas break, and another in June and July, after the classes of the 2nd semester are finished. So right now, I’m in that first season of exams and I’m finding myself in quite a stressful situation.

It’s a bit overwhelming to be honest because I’ve never been this stressed over exams. I’m in my second year of university and I’m not saying the first year was easy, because it was far from it, but it was manageable. On the other hand, this semester is being really stressful and tiring. I can only be happy that I just have three exams in opposition to some of my friends that have a lot more. However, that doesn’t ease my nerves at all. The first week of exams was not that bad, but it was last week that I started getting more and more stressed and then my exam didn’t go as I expected, which made me feel really hopeless because I had studied a lot and I know I didn’t do good.

Between studying for my last exam and waiting to know how I did on my other exams, the nerves just keep getting the best of me. I’ve reached a point multiple times where I can’t study anymore because I’m tired and I’m not focusing anymore or I just don’t know how to do a lot of exercises and it makes me really anxious, so I stop. Then I go do something to relax and calm down, but in the back of my mind I just have the feeling that I should be revising and it makes me even more nervous, instead of the opposite. To be honest, I’m just glad my last exam is this Thursday (if I don’t need to retake any exam, which I seriously hope I don’t) because I couldn’t take two more weeks of this stress. I’m seriously in need of a break to rest properly before the second semester starts.

As I write this post, I have that nagging feeling that tells me to just go back studying, but I just need a little break, some time for myself. I feel like if I don’t have some time for myself, it’ll just be worse, because since I won’t rest, I won’t be able to focus properly and study and then the nerves will get the best of me. So I need to relax, but how? Listen to music? Watch a movie or an episode of my favourite TV show or anime? Read a book? Write? I’ve tried all these things and some times they work, but others they don’t.

What should I do to get read of this exam anxiety? Do you feel this stressed because of exams? What do you do to relax in times like these?

I’ll leave you with these questions,



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