“If I Stay” – A Review


Having finished reading this book today, I decided to share my thoughts on it, so here they are…

This book was given to me on Christmas by my cousins and I was really happy because I’d been wanting to read it for a while. My interest on it started when I saw a trailer of the film and immediately liked what it was about. I still haven’t watched the film because I wanted to read the book first, so that’s probably something I’ll do soon.I think the story is really interesting and it really captivated me, which can be proven by the fact that I read the book in only two days. The moment I started reading, I just couldn’t stop until I reached the end. This hadn’t happened to me in a while. I hadn’t been so much into a book in a while and I admit it was a nice feeling, being so into the story and not wanting to leave its world. I had missed this feeling a lot!

Furthermore, the story makes you think. If it was you, what would you do? What would you choose?

For those who don’t know, the story revolves about a girl called Mia, whose family (her parents, her little brother and herself) has a car accident. Mia “wakes up” to find out she’s watching the world from outside her body, because she’s actually in a coma. She realises her family died in that accident and for the next 24 hours she watches what happens around her and remembers things from the past. At the same time, she has a decision to make: does she want to stay or does she want to go?

I couldn’t help but grow emotionally attached to Mia as I watched her struggle through those 24 hours. The book was filled with emotions and it takes you on a journey with Mia until she decides, which only happens at the end.

It’s a really good book and I definitely recommend it. In fact, when I got out of university today I went to a library on my way home to buy the second book, but unfortunately I didn’t find it. I can’t wait to read it to know more about what happens in this story.

If you haven’t read it, you definitely should.

Until next time,



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