Weekend Shopping Spree

Hello there!

So I never really thought about making a post like this because to be honest my fashion sense could be better. I tend to wear comfortable clothes and I do put comfort in front of fashion. Most of the times I just wear jeans or leggings paired up with a sweater but now and then I do admit I like dressing up and putting more effort in my clothing. Besides, I don’t have the confidence to wear some clothes that I like. Anyhow I do love to go to shopping even though most of the times I end up just looking through the stores and not buying anything.

This weekend though was a good one when it comes to shopping. I’m pretty happy with what I bought and so I felt like sharing my new stuff.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI bought these sneakers from Skechers on Saturday because I tried them on and they were super comfortable. They have this thing called memory foam and, from what I understood of it, it makes them adapt to your feet really well. I wore them today and they were really comfortable, so I’m pretty happy that I ended up buying them.

I also bought this really nice jumper from Springfield. It has little button details on the back that you can’t really see here. This is really my type of clothing which is probably why I really wanted to buy it.

This checked shirt is probably my favourite thing that I bought this weekend. As soon as I saw it I totally fell in love with it. I love the little detail in the back, I think it’s really cute. To be honest, I’ve always had a thing for checked shirts and you can probably find more than ten in my wardrobe but this one was different from my other ones and I had to buy it.

Finally, I bought a new pair of leggings because my other ones are starting to get too worn out, which is expected since I wear them a lot. I also bought a new pair of jeans because I realised I only had a pair of them that I liked and used frequently. They were also dark blue so I needed ones that were a lighter shade. This ones are high-waisted and from Bershka.

So that’s what I bought this weekend. I don’t know if I’ll make more posts like this but we’ll see.

Until next time,

Jo xx


3 thoughts on “Weekend Shopping Spree

  1. I love checked prints too!! And I go for comfort over fashion too! I think it’s difficult to look good in something “trendy” if I’m not comfortable in it, it might even backfire so I’m better off finding a balance between comfort and fashion 🙂


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