A Day in Porto

On Saturday, we had to go pick up my brother from the airport in Porto. Since I still depend on my parents, I used that as an excuse to ask them if we could go earlier to Porto and wander around the city a bit, because I’d never really visited it. We left our city late in the morning because it was raining and we wanted to see if the rain would stop. It didn’t stop but thankfully, by the time we got to Porto, the rain had calmed down a little. aP2281201

As soon as we parked the car, we got out our umbrellas and started walking around. My parents had been there countless times so in the few hours we had, they started showing me a bit of the city.

Our first stop was the Câmara Municipal which is basically the Porto City Hall.

Then we walked down the street (called Avenida dos Aliados) where I actually found something really cool. I saw a bunch of old telephone boxes and they had all been redecorated so that they all looked different from one another (at least the ones I saw were all different). I think it’s probably happening in the rest of the city too but since I could only visit a part of it, I couldn’t confirm it. Anyway, here are two of those cool telephone boxes.

I actually really loved this idea of redecorating the phone boxes as you can probably tell from my enthusiasm talking about it and I’m probably not the only one, since you can see people taking photos with it.

aP2281208Even with the rain, it felt nice to walk through the streets but maybe that’s just because I was excited about visiting and exploring a place that I hadn’t before. As I’ve said before I want to travel more and visit more places this year and visit other cities in my country seems like a good start. Anyway, our next stop was the building on the right side of the picture above.aP2281211

That building is the São Bento Train Station and both my parents said it was a really beautiful building inside. It definitely was. I only managed to take a picture of it because I was too busy looking around. There were a lot of tourists there, whether getting out of a train or just visiting the train station as we were. I stood there for another minute watching the trains before we decided to start walking again.

Next we went to the Clérigos Church, which was one of the few things I’d visited in Porto in a school trip back in 7th or 8th grade. The tower is beautiful but that much I already knew. We didn’t go up to the top of the tower though. What I liked the most was the view of the street that you had at the bottom of the church.aP2281224Finally, the most important stop of the whole day (for me) was the Lello bookstore. I was really excited to go there, because I’d heard so much about it. It’s also said that J.K. Rowling took some inspiration from this bookstore into creating Flourish & Blotts. I wasn’t disappointed, because it was indeed a beautiful place. The only thing I didn’t like was the amount of tourists inside, which made it impossible for me to take a picture on the staircase. Anyway, these were the pictures I took and you can see how beautiful it is.

Nova Imagem2After that, we only went to few more places, but nothing special, before making our way to Avenida dos Aliados, then making our way back to our car. All in all, it was a really good day. I got to visit new places, which makes me happy. I hope I can have more days like this soon because it made me feel much more relaxed after a stressing week at uni.

aP2281221Until next time,

Jo xx


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