Are books important?

Hello everyone!

Ever since I was little, I’ve always enjoyed reading. As I grew older, I fell more and more in love with books and reading became one of my passions. Last year, I didn’t read as much as I wish I had, because I didn’t have time. However, even though I’m busier than ever this semester, I’ve made it my goal to start reading more again, as I’ve said before.

I believe all books change you and they give you more knowledge. Every book you read leaves a bit of its story in you, whether it is small or big, it impacts on your life. I’ve learned so much from books I’ve read: how to be a better person, how to deal with something, how to understand other people, how to be more open and accepting. There’s also the stories: when you’re reading a book, you enter a different world. You live a thousand different lives through the thousand characters of the books you read. You travel through tons of places while seating in your couch or in your bed or wherever you’re reading your book. Every character, every place, every chapter teaches you a lesson. Some times it’s something you learn momentarily and then you forget, but it matters to you and it’ll always be there at the back of your mind. Who knows if it’ll come back to you some day and come in handy? Other times, it’s something that changes you right away and you never really forget it, maybe you don’t think about it but it changed you somehow and it’ll always be there.

I’m currently reading Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. I had only read the first twenty pages when I realised this would be one of those books that would teach me so much. I never told anyone about it but since last year when I had a little car accident, I started having some little anxiety/panic attacks. I don’t know how to call them because they were never anything major that allowed me to really know what they are. They’ve happened when I was in a car or even when my dad mentioned me driving again. I think I had a bit of a trauma because I’d only been driving for a little while when I had the accident. I never told anyone and I’ve dealt with it and slowly I’m going back to driving and fighting the nerves. But I thought I was alone in this and that’s why I never told anyone. So imagine how I felt reading the first twenty pages of Girl Online about a girl called Penny who had a car accident and started having panic attacks because of it. She only told her best friend and she started her own blog to share her thoughts (look, another similarity!). Then she goes through some pretty embarrassing moments and she feels really down about it, but then she meets a boy and he gives her some pretty good advice. This only made me more interested in the book (if that was possible). Of course Penny and that boy, Noah, start liking each other and the book has a bit of that typical fairy tale love, but it’s also different. I still have a bit of the book to read but I’ve already learn so much from it. I don’t know where Zoe got the inspiration for this story, but she must have gotten it somewhere, so that made me really believe I’m not alone as I thought. Somewhere in the world, someone must have faced the same problems that I am facing. Girl Online gave the push I needed to face my fear of driving and of how anxious I get some times when I’m in a car.

There are a lot more books that have had an impact on my life. Take Harry Potter for example, that magical world had such a huge importance in me growing up and every time I read it, I learn something new. And it’s not only what I’ve learned but also entering that story world. Harry Potter is still one of the things I love the most and even though the movies are amazing, there’s nothing like the books.

These are just two examples out of all the ones that changed my life but yes, if anyone asked me, I’d replied straight away: books are important, so important. I honestly believe books are really powerful things and I feel sad for the people that don’t know how it feels to be changed by a book.

So this is my advice: read books and learn from them, but specially, if you haven’t given books a shot, try to enjoy reading a book, because believe me when I say that reading is good. And books ARE important!

Joana xx


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