Music Favourites

It’s always hard for me to choose a favourite song and what ends up happening is that one minute I have a favourite song and the next I have another. Music is a big part of my life, one that I can’t live without. Usually, I listen to music every day and if I don’t, I feel like something’s missing. I listen to music when I need to think, when I need cheering up, when I need to block out my parents because they’re arguing, when I need to calm down, when I’m walking home or just generally whenever I want.

Even though I can’t choose a favourite song, every week there’s a couple of songs that I listen to more than the others. So I thought I could share the songs I’ve been listening to the most these past few days.

  • Kids In The Dark – All Time Low

This song was actually only out yesterday but I spent the majority of today listening to it. I’ve been a fan of All Time Low for a while. Their music always makes me feel more free and in control of my thoughts, which in consequence makes me feel more in control of myself. Their music has helped me to be myself without caring about what other people think. ‘Kids In The Dark‘ makes me feel like that. It makes me feel like it’s okay to be different and who cares what others think? Who cares if society approves? Society might try to change us but we’ll always have our thoughts and those are ours, and ours only.

  • Paint Me Black – Ben Hazlewood (feat. Mali Koa Hood)

I confess my interest on Mali Koa started because she’s Calum Hood’s sister but then I found her blog and I soon started liking her for who she is. Last week, I heard ‘Paint Me Black‘ and I completely fell in love with it. I love both hers and Ben’s voices but I admit there’s something about her voice that makes me like it more. I think this song is really beautiful and you should definitely give it a listen.

  • More Than You’ll Ever Know – Nathan Sykes

I’ve been a fan of The Wanted for a long time and even though they’re not together anymore, I still listen to their songs a lot. It broke my heart when they announced they were going their separate ways, but I promised myself I’d still support them no matter what. When I heard Nathan was working on a solo album, I was really excited and nervous at the same time: excited because Nathan has an amazing voice and I couldn’t wait to hear his work, and nervous because I didn’t know if I was going to like his new sound. Last week, Nathan released ‘More Than You’ll Ever Know‘ and I admit the first time I listened to it, I wasn’t really fond of it. That was because I was still thinking about the style of music The Wanted had. Then I thought about  it and listened to MTYEK a couple more times and it grew on me. Now I actually like it a lot. Surely, it’s a different sound from what I was expecting, but it does fit Nathan’s voice.

  • On My Way Home – Pentatonix

Since I bought my ticket to PTX concert, I listened to only their music for a couple of days. ‘On My Way Home‘ was one of the songs I liked the most. Pentatonix are great artists and I’m really looking forward to seeing them live.


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