A Tea A Day

Yesterday I noticed that for the past days I’d been drinking a different type of tea on each day of the week so I decided to make a post out of it, just to share with you all what I thought about them.

Being a big tea lover, a couple of weeks ago I bought a few types of tea that I hadn’t tried before and this week I finally had time to try them.

  • Tuesday – Red Fruit Burst Infusion
    This infusion from Tetley is really good. I was a bit afraid to try it at first because I didn’t know if I was going to like it. It seemed like it would be something too sweet. Thankfully that wasn’t the case: I really liked the taste, it was really nice. The red fruits indeed gave the infusion a sweet flavour but it’s not a sweetness that makes you feel almost a little queasy, it’s one that adds to the taste.

    • Wednesday – Green Tea With Lemon, Honey and Ginseng

    On Wednesday, I was feeling a bit under the weather with a blocked up nose and everything. Since I’d once heard that tea with lemon and honey helps you get better from a cold, I thought it was the right time to try this type of green tea that already had these two things. I made myself a cup of it and when to my garden to enjoy a bit of the sunny and warm afternoon. Coincidence or not, by the time night came, I was feeling a lot better.

    • Thursday – Green Tea

    IMG_20150312_165055aYesterday was the day to drink the typical and lovely green tea. There’s not much to say about it, is there? Green tea is a pretty simple tea but it’s still one of my favourites and it’s probably the one I drink the most.

    Before I forget, I just want to say that only the red fruit infusion is from Tetley. The other three are from the cheap brand of the supermarket but I’m sure that if you want to try them, Tetley, Lipton or some other tea brand has these same teas.

    • Today – Black Tea With Apple and Cinnamon

    I have one negative thing to say about this tea: the arome is too intense. When I prepared my cup of tea today, I immediately noticed the powerful smell. It’s a weird cinnamon scent, which seems like it’s the cinnamon mixed with something else that I can’t put my finger on (maybe there’s some kind of reaction between the cinnamon and the black tea that happens once you put it in the water? I don’t know…)

    Surprisingly, once you get past the aroma, the taste of the tea is really good. If I had to weigh the pros and the cons, I’d probably have to admit the taste is worth the aroma.

    So tell me what you thought about this post. Do you guys like tea? If you do, what is your favourite tea?

    Until next time,

    Jo x

  • 7 thoughts on “A Tea A Day

    1. Green tea is my go-to tea. I’m enjoying a cup right now. When I feel a cold or sore throat coming on I drink it with honey and lemon. I add local honey and lemon juice to the tea. I don’t know if the tea that comes with the honey & lemon in it has the same benefits, but it sounds yummy.

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