Mini Haul

Hello everyone!

I have a really important test tomorrow so I decided to leave uni earlier today and come home because I felt like I really needed to study. Basically I have to take a bus from my university to the center of town and then catch another one there to get home. Since I got out of the first bus with twenty minutes to spare, I decided to quickly go check two stores in the main road. I ended up buying a couple of things that I had been intending to buy for a while and I thought I could share what I bought with you all, so that you can tell me what you think.

First I went to a jewellery shop where I bought this:

I’d been wanting earrings like this for a while now and I finally found one I really liked, so I bought it straight away. I don’t wear earring that much because they’re not really my thing (even though sometimes I do enjoy wearing them) but I really like this type of earrings. Some people might say it’s not really my usual style but I don’t care because I like them a lot. I bought them from Bijou Brigitte, in case you were wondering.

After this, I still had some time to kill so I went to The Body Shop to check out some of their make up and see if it was worth trying.

I wanted a pink lipstick for a while, but I hadn’t had time to go buy it so I decided to give it a go. Even though it’s not the shade I was initially looking for, I tried it when I got home and I really like it.

Finally, I bought a BB Cream, which I’d also been wanting to try for a while. I tried the one they had for test and it was what I wanted, so I bought it. I fully tried it when I got home and I’m not disappointed at all!

After that I had to go catch my bus and came home to spend almost the whole afternoon studying (yay…).

That’s it for today,

Jo x


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