The Liebster Award

Hello everyone!

So about a week ago I was nominated for the The Liebster Award by the lovely Princess Without The Tutu (go check her blog out, by the way!). Thank you so much for nominating me, Emily! And I’m sorry it took me so long to do this post but here it is, finally!

For those who don’t know, as I didn’t before, The Liebster Award is an movement to help promote and recognize the hard work of bloggers with 200 followers or less, given out by other bloggers.

The rules are simple: you have to pass it along to 7 or 11 blogs with less than 200 followers and ask them to answer 7 or 11 questions or post 7/11 facts about themselves.

Here are eleven facts about myself (they’re going to be really random because I can’t think of 11 interesting facts):

  1. One Piece is my favourite anime
  2. I have blue eyes
  3. When I’m sad, I listen to my sad playlist on my phone which makes me even sadder
  4. I’m currently obsessed with this app called Ditty
  5. I can’t wait for April (I know it starts tomorrow) and May because I have too many things happening in those months
  6. I wish I had singing voice
  7. I don’t have any pets
  8. I want to go to The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter someday
  9. This week was supposed to be Easter holiday, which meant rest, but I’m filled with work for university including two group projects due to next week
  10. I just participated in a contest to win a Meet&Greet ticket for 5SOS concert here in Portugal and now I’m overly-excited
  11. It took me almost an hour to write this because I kept getting distracted but it’s finally over!

Here are my nominees. You have to post this along with 7 facts about yourself and if you don’t have 7 blogs to nominate, it’s okay, nominate as many as you want.

Lady Mafalda

The Daily Life Of A Student

A Spoonful of Maddison

Finding A Destiny

Color Me Purple

Liz Be Honest

The Dreamer’s Worlds

Until next time,

Jo xx


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