R.I.P. Manoel de Oliveira

I usually don’t make this kind of posts but this is my way of showing my respect for this amazing man.

Manoel de Oliveira was a Portuguese film director and screenwriter and he passed away today. He was 106 years old and he was the oldest active movie director. He directed a short film last year which just shows his passion for his work because he wouldn’t still be working at this age, if he didn’t love his job.

I confess I don’t know any of his work, which makes me really ashamed, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t follow what he was doing a bit. I think it was when he turned 100 years old that I started paying more attention, because he kept directing more and more movies at that age. I remember hearing him in an interview last year, where he admitted he didn’t achieve all his life projects. He had such a fulfilled life and he had wished he’d been able to do more. And I think this is so inspirational!

Manoel de Oliveira is said to have changed completely film-making in Portugal and I have heard a few people say today in interviews that he didn’t only impact on the 7th Art here in Portugal but in Europe in general. Out of all the active movie directors, he was the only one whose career spanned from the silent era to movies with sound and also from black and white to colour. He witnessed it all!

It’s a sad day for the 7th Art and for Portuguese people in general. I wasn’t in shock when I heard the news, because with a person that old, you can’t say it’s unexpected, but I was still sad. Manoel de Oliveira was one of those men that got ill but just kept fighting and kept coming back. He was still such a sane person. He was indeed an amazing man and that’s why I looked up to him. It’s truly sad and he’ll be missed.

R.I.P. Manoel de Oliveira


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