Yesterday I went to Lisbon after lunch to go to Pentatonix concert. The ‘On My Way Home’ Tour here in Europe started with this show so that made it even more special.

We got to Lisbon at around 4p.m. and since the doors only opened at 8, we thought we could go for a walk after dropping our things at the hostel. We soon discovered that the hostel was right in front of the venue (which was great) and we saw that the queue to get in was starting to get bigger, so we changed our plans.

This was the view from our bedroom and you can see all the people waiting and it wasn’t even 5:30 in the afternoon. As I said we went to the line earlier than we had planned. We waited almost three hours until the doors finally opened. When it was time, getting inside the venue was really quick and we couldn’t believe how close to the stage we actually were.

Then we just had to wait for PTX. The vibe in the venue was great! You could feel the excitement from everyone and if you were there, you knew it was going to be a great show! Indeed it was. Pentatonix were amazing and I have to admit this concert just made me love them even more!

We (the crowd) did an amazing job as well! We were loud and we sang a lot. From the first song, you could see how amazed PTX were with us. They said they loved us tons of times and I know artists always say that, but you could tell this was genuine! Scott even tried to say “eu amo-vos” which means “I love you” and it was the cutest thing! 1Their energy was amazing! I can’t tell which one out of the five I liked the most! Their vocals were on point and so were Mitch moves when he started dancing now and then.


They sang so many songs that I liked that I couldn’t even choose a favourite if you asked me. ‘Rather Be’, ‘Standing By’ and ‘On My Way Home’ would definitely be in my group of favourites though, because they were already some of my favourite before and hearing them live was just perfect.

34One of my favourite pictures I took probably has to be the first one on this last collage because you can see just how thankful Scott is.

When they finished ‘On My Way Home’ and they left, we made a lot of noise, started shouting “PTX” and then sang a bit of On My Way Home. They came back and said that it was the first time a crowd had ever sung for them to come back on stage and it made me feel really accomplished and proud. Then they sang another song: “That’s Christmas To Me”. Even though it’s April, they said they wanted to try singing it without microphones but the crowd had to be silent. We all went quiet and every time someone shouted something (which happened 2 or 3 times) the rest of the crowd would shush them and then we’d all laugh and you could see how PTX were trying so hard not to laugh as well and keep singing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThey looked happy during the whole concert, extremely happy! It was over too soon but we said goodbye knowing they had loved the concert and would almost surely come back.

After that we went to the merchandise store and my friend and I ended up buying a T-shirt, a mug and a poster each. To finish off the day, I suggested we went to Starbucks and so we did. I’m glad I suggested that because I ended up seeing one of my favourite portuguese youtubers there and I went to talk to him and he was extremely nice to us!

The day couldn’t have been better to be honest! I had so much fun! Even though today we had to wake up at 6:30a.m. to come back to our city, I wouldn’t have changed anything! And when they come back to Portugal, I’ll do everything I can to be there!

(btw all the photos were taken by me)

Until next time,

Jo xx


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