A Weekend In Lisbon #2

Hello everyone!

So this post is going to be about last saturday, the second day I spent in Lisbon with my friends, and what we did on that day. Again, it’s going to be a long post, with tons of pictures, even though I tried to reduce the number pictures I wanted to share on here.

Anyway, so on Saturday we woke up pretty early for a weekend (at around 8:30), we had breakfast at the hostel and then met up with our friend who’s living in Lisbon. Thankfully, the weather was nice: the sun was shinning and it wasn’t cold.

We walked to the nearest subway station and then our first stop was El Corte Inglés (the department store) so that we could go to its supermarket to buy water, sandwiches and other food for our lunch. Then we started walking. We saw a lot of airplanes right above us going to or from the airport and some of them were pretty close.

It didn’t take us long to arrive at the Amália Rodrigues Garden and then right next to it was the Eduardo VII Park, which was where we wanted to go. a3The Eduardo VII Park is the one you can see in the last picture on the right. It’s a really beautiful park, as you can see. I’d never been there, but I’d heard of it and was impressed by its beauty once we arrived. We stood at the top of it for a while just enjoying the view and taking a few pictures, before we walked all the way down to end of the park just talking and watching other people and dogs walking by. a4At the end of the park, there’s the Marquês De Pombal Square, which you can see in the picture as well. We didn’t stay there for long and immediately started making our way down Avenida da Liberdade, which is an important and 1100 metres long avenue that descends from this square to the Restauradores Square. This avenue is filled with hotels and shops, mainly expensive ones like Chanel and Gucci.

a5As we went down this avenue, one of my friends pointed out that there was a little ship in the of a streetlamp pole and we thought it was quite cute. It’s the one in one of the photos in the last image. Anyway, we soon reached the end of the avenue: the Restauradores Square (that you can see in the bottom left picture) and we made a quick stop outside Hard Rock Café.

Then it was time to go to Chiado and Baixa Pombalina which is in a more central and more historical part of Lisbon. It’s a more touristic area and also a traditional shopping area. We passed this car which I think is always there playing Fado. Fado is a Portuguese music genre that is part of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List. We stopped at Armazéns do Chiado which is a shopping centre. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe saw these cupcakes there and they all looked really yummy. When we were passing the escalators, we decided to check the bottom floor because we didn’t know what they had there.


This was what we found. At the end of the escalators, we immediately saw the amazing piece of art you see in the first picture. According to what we read, it was made using debris found on the street and we thought it was pretty amazing how someone managed to make something so beautiful out of it. The walls of the rest of the floor were all painted as you can see in the picture, which was pretty cool too. Apart from that, the floor was pretty useless: it had a few couches and a table and chairs for kids to sit down and play or color something.

We then went in search of some banks on the street where we could sit down having lunch. One of my friends had the brightest idea of throwing some bread to the couple of doves that were near us. Because of that, more and more doves started approaching us and they wouldn’t leave us alone. As soon as we finished lunch, we went to the Santa Just Elevator, where we could have a nice view of a part of Lisbon.

We decided it wasn’t worth it to use the lift, because it was too expensive for what it was. We went back to Chiado, where we stopped at Santini, an ice cream shop.

The ice cream there was delicious and we stood there for a while just talking, before we started our journey again. We took a tram to the higher part of Lisbon.


The tram we caught to the hill where we wanted to go is the one you see in the pictures. They are old trams and I’d always wanted to ride in one so I was happy that I finally could.

We went to Miradouro De Santa Lúzia which is a viewpoint from where you could see a big part of Lisbon and the Tagus river.

a9We had a really beautiful view of the city from there and it was really nice looking at everything from up there. We stood there for a while, enjoying the view. The woman at the hostel was the one who recommended we went there and I’m really glad she did!

We could see the weather was starting to get worse, but we just hoped it wouldn’t start raining. We started making our way more up the hill to go to the São Jorge Castle which is at the top of the hill.

We found some street music as we were heading for the castle and loads and loads of tourists. We decided to enter the castle even though we had to pay 5€ for the ticket (with a student discount). It was totally worth it!

The view from there was even more beautiful! It was really windy and it started raining a bit, but not even that could ruin what I felt being there with such an amazing view! I can’t explain how I felt being there looking down at the city, I just felt happy and completely relaxed and glad I was there with my friends.

We ended up taking a bunch of pictures (many of them ruined by the wind that made our hair get in our faces) and I really liked this one. This was definitely one of my favourite places I visited in Lisbon!

We visited the rest of the castle and it was really fun! The view was definitely the thing I loved the most though! It was just so beautiful!

We left the castle and then walked down the hill until we were in a road near our hostel. Thankfully, the sun was shinning again!

We kept walking for a while seeing a bit more of Lisbon. Then we went to Mouraria, one of the most traditional neighborhoods in Lisbon.  You could see different forms of art in the different streets. Many people left their mark there and you could see that and it was one of the things that made this place so special.

This was one of the cutest and most beautiful things we saw. The photographs in the walls are a tribute to the elderly people that live there and walk those streets everyday. I think this is such a beautiful thing!

a17After finishing our walk around Mouraria, we went back to our hostel to kill some time because we wanted to go to a rooftop bar but it only opened later in the afternoon.

These are some pictures of the attic of our hostel from when we went there to show it to our friend. It was really cozy and cute and the view from the window was beautiful too!

As I’ve said, later we went to a rooftop bar in the rooftop of a hotel just to see the view and enjoy the sunset from up there.

This was the view of the castle from up there. We then went out for dinner where I ate a really delicious pizza.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThat’s how our Saturday in Lisbon went. I know this was quite a long post but I hope you enjoyed it if you read it until the end.

Until next time,

Jo xx


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