A Weekend In Lisbon #3

Hello there!

This post was supposed to be out on Monday but I have been really busy with university, so I’m only doing it now. This is also the last post about my weekend in Lisbon with my friends and what we did on Sunday.

We started the day by packing our suitcases and doing our check out at the hostel. They let us leave the suitcases there so that we could go visit more places in Lisbon.

These are some pictures of the hostel I took before we left (excuse the messy dormitory) and the last one was the square where we had to catch the tram. Unfortunately, the tram wouldn’t show up. In the time two were supposed to appear, none of them did… As it was getting pretty late for us to be able to see everything we wanted, we decided to go search for a bus that would take us to Belém, where we spending most of the day. We found one that was about to leave and as soon as we got to Belém, we understood why the trams weren’t coming: the road was closed for some kind of parade in front of the Presidential House. We were surprised to see the President of The Republic (head of state of Portugal) there, since we hadn’t known that something like this would be happening. We stayed there for a few minutes before we started making our way to ‘Padrão dos Descobrimentos’, which is a monument on the bank of the Tagus river estuary celebrating the Portuguese’ Age Of Discovery.

3We had to walk a bit near the river to get there. It was a bit windy, but it wasn’t to bad. There were a lot of people in this area enjoying the sunday morning, as we were. We stopped once in a while to take some pictures of everything around us. We had a great view of the 25th of April bridge and also of the ‘Christ, the King Statue’ which is in the other margin of the river (you can see it on the bottom left picture).

The walk was bigger than we thought but we had nothing to complain about because we were having fun. We finally arrived, to find lots of other people there.

We took a lot of photos there and we could see a lot of people judging us because of the selfie stick we were using to take selfies with monument in the background. I’d never been here so it was really cool to see this in person, because it’s just one of those monuments we, Portuguese people, have heard of.

I really like this picture I took because it has the ‘Padrão dos Descobrimentos’ monument, the 25th of April bridge and the ‘Christ, the King’ statue all in one picture.

After this, we started making our way to another monument: the Belém Tower. We had to walk for a while again, but it was nice since we were so close to the river. We decided to eat our lunch (sandwiches) in the garden near the tower.

The Belém Tower was built in the 16th century. It’s a really beautiful tower, at least on the outside. We ended up not going inside because the queue was really long and we had other things to see.

We then started to walk back the way we had come but on the other side of the road, to go to the Jerónimos Monastery.

8This monastery was, along with the Belém Tower, classified as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After that, it was finally time to go buy ‘Pastéis de Belém’. There’s one typical Portuguese pastry that is a type of egg tart called ‘Pastéis de Nata’. Pastéis de Belém are one particular type of these and they are completely different from the others ‘Pastéis de Nata’. They are only made in this pastry shop in Belém and there’s always a queue outside the shop of people that want to buy them. They are a bit expensive but since we don’t have many opportunities to eat them, each of us bought some to take back home. We then went to Starbucks, which was right next to the pastry shop, and sat down at a table, drinking our drinks from Starbucks and eating one of the ‘Pastéis de Belém’.

After resting for a while, we got back on our feet. This time we wanted to go to the LX Factory. It was bit risky, since we weren’t really sure how to get there and we had to trust my locating skills because I was the only one who had been there and had walked from Belém to that place.

Thankfully, it was quite easy to get there. Either that or I’m great at locating places…

Anyway, LX Factory is in a old building of a factory that had been abandoned. A few years ago, they gave a new use to this industrial site. Shops, restaurants, art… this is the LX Factory.

It has a little pastry shop that sells really good chocolate cake, that I couldn’t help but buy, even though it was expensive.

I had been here before and this book shop had been my favourite place. And it still is my favourite place in there! This book shop is one of the best I’ve ever been to. It’s really beautiful and there are so many books that I could get lost in there. The decoration was really simple but it didn’t need to be anything else. The white bicycles were a really original idea and we even met the old man who made them and he was a really nice person.

It was then time to go back to the center of Lisboa. We went to ‘Terreiro do Paço’, which is a famous square near the river.

It was a really sunny and warm afternoon, the perfect way to end our weekend in Lisbon. After staying there for a while, we passed the ‘Rua Augusta Arch’ (the one in the picture in the center) and made our way through the street until we reached the Rossio square. It was then time to go back to the hostel to grab our suitcases and take the subway to the train station.

We left Lisbon at 7:30 p.m. and had two hours of the train journey until we got back to our city.

It was an amazing weekend and we managed to visit a lot of places in the little time we had. Lisbon is a really beautiful city and I’m glad I got to know it a bit better!

I hope you liked these post about Lisbon. Until next time,

Jo xx


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