Sleep deprived but happier than ever

I admit my love for certain bands can be almost a bit obsessive (we call it dedication, I learnt a few years ago). As I find myself just two days apart from the concert of one of my favourite bands, I can’t help the excitement I feel.

I first heard about 5 Seconds Of Summer from Louis of One Direction, as he shared one of their videos on twitter. At first I was a bit reticent to check them out and I didn’t. I couldn’t like one more band. I only checked them out after a few months and at first I only liked one or two songs. As time went by, two songs turned into five and five turned into ten and by the time 2014 started, I was already in too deep. It wasn’t even just the music anymore…

In March, they announced they would be the opening act for One Direction in the European leg of the Where We Are and I was pretty ecstatic because I was going to that concert here in Portugal. I wasn’t happy at all when in June, only a month before the concert, 5SOS cancelled the opening show here and in Denmark. I was heartbroken, to be honest. For three months I’d been thinking I was going to see both 1D and 5SOS on the same day and then it wasn’t happening anymore. It was quite silly: I remember crying as I made my way to the bus to go home since I’d been at the library studying. I rarely ever cry in public so that shows how bad that day was. Even though when the concert came, I was glad they hadn’t been the opening act because we wouldn’t be able to do something for 1D like we did, it still sucked. Surprisingly, just a couple of days before the 1D concert, 5SOS announced they were touring Europe in 2015 and guess what… they were coming to Portugal! They were starting the tour here! I hurried to buy the tickets and since then I’ve been waiting.

I’m going with my best friend and we’ll be in the 6th row which is pretty awesome. We bought the tickets in July and now it feels like time has gone by in a flash! We went from waiting almost eleven months to finding ourselves two days away from the concert! It’s surreal that it’s finally here and I can’t contain my excitement. They arrived yesterday in the afternoon, even though the concert is only in two days, on Monday. I wasn’t expecting them to come so soon, so I was quite shocked. I can already feel the nerves, but I’m only going to Lisbon on Monday morning. I have a weekend with my family ahead of me but I don’t think I’ll be able to think about anything else but the concert.

The feeling you get when you’re at a concert is one of my favourite things: the happiness, being able to let go, enjoying the music… And if the concert you’re at is of one of your favourite artists, it’s just ten times better. That’s how I feel about it at least.

Last night I barely slept. I mean, it’s Saturday morning and I’ve been awake since 9 which is way too early for me in an ordinary weekend. I couldn’t sleep last night because of how excited I was, so I can only guess it’ll get worse in the next two days. Not that I mind, I’m happy as ever and if loosing a bit of sleep is a consequence of it, I don’t even care, because I’m seeing 5SOS in two days, I’m going to the concert with my best friend and hopefully I’m meeting my two internet friends there.

Jo xx


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