5SOS Concert: Quick Update

Hello everyone!

I’m really sorry I haven’t been spending much time here, but I’ve been really really busy! I hope everyone is good. I’m really happy right now, I have been since I went to the concert, but I’ll get to that in a minute. Tomorrow, the academic week called ‘Queima das Fitas’, which is a big tradition of my university, is starting so I probably won’t be here until the end of the week. However, next week I promise I’ll make time for my blog, since we don’t have classes the whole week because of the festivities of this academic week.

So coming back to the concert. On Monday, 5 Seconds Of Summer were starting their ROWYSO Tour here in Portugal, in Meo Arena in Lisbon. The day/night couldn’t have been better! I did everything I had planned and more. My best friend and I had tickets for the soundcheck and our seats were in the 6th row. Since we didn’t need to stay in line to make sure we got good seats, we made some plans. We got to Lisbon at 11:30 in the morning and then took the subway to near the hotel where 5SOS were staying (a bit stalkerish I know). There we met up with one of my twitter friends, who’d been the one telling me about the hotel, and some of her friends and we managed to go inside to the bar.

My friend and I had to do the check-in for the soundcheck between 2:30 and 3:30pm and we needed to get lunch. At like 1:00pm, when we were almost giving up and leaving, Ashton showed up and went to the restaurant. That made us want to stay for a while more. After a while, one of their bodyguards gathered all the fans and told us that we would go outside and if we behaved and stayed in a line, the boys would go out and meet us, but we screwed it up, they’d go back inside. We stood in the left end of the row of fans outside and us and the girls next to us were really calm and collected because we wanted to have a chance to meet them. There were other fans making a lot of noise though. So, after a long while and two or three speeches of the bodyguard and a lady from the hotel, they came out to meet us. Luke came to our side and as we had been told, we all stayed behaved. I managed to get a picture with Luke but when I turned around to search for the other boys, everything was a mess: everyone was surrounding the other boys which made the bodyguard take them back inside. Calum was the first one to go (I didn’t even see him) and more and more fans started going to Luke. My best friend didn’t even get a picture with him because of that. Michael and Ashton were next but I managed to see them and Luke was the last one. They could have stayed for 15 minutes instead of only a couple of them if it wasn’t for the fans that started mobbing them. If everyone had just been calm, we could have all met the four of them, but no, they had to ruin it. I understand it’s the desire of wanting to meet your idols that leads people to do that, but they should have thought about the consequences. Anyway, I’m really happy I met Luke, specially since he’s my favourite of the band.

After that, my best friend and I left, got lunch in a rush and made our way back to the arena. We were there in time for soundcheck and even had to wait a long time. In the line to get in, I met my other twitter friend I wanted to meet, which was lovely!

The concert was amazing! Hey Violet, the opening act, were better than I expected and I had a great time, but it can’t be compared to what I felt in the actual concert! 5SOS were so incredible! Their energy was mind-blowing and so was the passion they clearly had for what they were doing. They were really happy and it was contagious! The vibe in the whole arena was great and their performance was over-all perfect! It couldn’t have been better!

I don’t even know how to describe this concert… I took some pictures but I don’t think I’m posting them because I feel I’ve been making too many posts with too many pictures. Tell me if you want to see them and I will post them! I also posted some of the videos I recorded on youtube so check them out if want, just click here.

Monday couldn’t have been better and I still can’t believe it happened! It’s a shame it’s already over but at least I have the memories, the pictures and the videos.

Until next time,



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