Shopping Haul

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I decided to go to the mall after uni and treat myself with some things. Knowing the next weeks are going to be really exhausting with assignments, tests and exams, I felt like a little shopping therapy beforehand would be nice. Using some of the money I saved from Christmas and Easter, I ended up buying a few things.

Even though, as I’ve said before, my fashion sense is not the best, I decided to share what I bought with you.

I wasn’t intending on buying shorts but since summer is getting closer here and I’ve been meaning to get a pair of black shorts for a while, I used this opportunity to buy them. They were really cheap and even if the quality is not the best, they’re okay for what I want. These are from Primark and their price was 7€.

I completely loved the first top when I saw it because of what it said and because it looked cute. It’s ripped on the sides, so I was afraid I wouldn’t liked it once I tried it on but I really did. The second one is a crop top (the first one is longer even though it doesn’t really like it) and I liked the color but what really made me buy it was the fact that it was related to Wonder Woman, so my nerdy side immediately wanted to have it. The black one is also a crop top, a bit short than the other. The cloth has a little pattern that you can’t see on the picture that well. I’d been wanting a top like this for a while so I was happy to finally buy it even though it was a tiny bit more expensive than the others.

The first and the second tops are from Primark as well and the last one is from Bershka. The prices from left to right are: 8€, 6€ and 9.99€.

Last but not least I bought these earrings at Lefties. I was just passing by the jewellery zone on my way to the clothes when I saw them and I thought they were really pretty. I don’t use earrings that often but I couldn’t resist buying them. Who knows, maybe I’ll start wearing earrings more often now… (As you can see in the picture, the price was 3.99€.)

I was really happy with what I bought and I was pretty excited about wearing the ‘I’m with the band’ top today, but the weather wasn’t that great and since I’m a bit ill, I decided not to risk it. I can’t wait for warmer days so that I can wear these clothes!

Until next time,

Jo xx


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