Birthday Gifts

Hello everyone!

Since yesterday was my birthday, I decided to share the clothes I got when I went shopping with my aunt because I’m completely in love with some of them.

First, I got these jumpsuit from Mango. I immediately liked it when I saw it in the shop so I tried it on and I really liked how it looked on me.

This tshirt is totally my style. It’s from Bershka and I thinks it’s really cool and it made me laugh when I read what it said.

I also got this one from Bershka. I’d seen it there a couple of weeks ago but I was afraid it wouldn’t look good on me so I didn’t buy it but yesterday I finally tried it on and I really like it.

Now finally, my favourite item…

I saw my cousin’s girlfriend wearing these jeggings last weekend and I fell in love with them. My aunt knew they were from Calzedonia so we went to check if they had them there. I tried them on and at first I had some doubts but then I just fell in love with them again. They were the last pair too, so I ended up getting them right away. I really like the detais below the knees, I think they are really pretty and they’re also really comfortable!

So that’s it for tonight. Until next time,

Jo xx


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