Summer 2015 Bucket List

Having a bucket list that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to complete or if I’ll even carry it on as the years go by, I decided to do summer bucket list where I wrote down things that I know aren’t impossible to achieve in the few months of summer. Some of them are really simple, most of them are to be honest, but it doesn’t change the beauty of it, in my opinion. I’m quite looking forward to having goals for the summer because that way, I’m sure I won’t spend a big part of the holiday at home doing nothing productive. I mean, most of these things aren’t really considered as doing something productive but you get what I mean, right?

Anyway, here’s a bit of my summer bucket list, which is still a work in progress as I keep adding more things as I remember them:

  • Camp in the garden
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Lying on the grass, looking at the stars
  • Swim at night
  • Send a message in a bottle
  • Be a tourist in my city
  • Go somewhere unexpected
  • Watch the sunset on the beach
  • Make a pillow fort

This is what I have for now. What do you think? Do you have anything close to a summer bucket list? Have you done/would you like to do any of these things?

Until next time,

Jo xx


3 thoughts on “Summer 2015 Bucket List

  1. Late night swim, message in a bottle, be a tourist, do something unexpected,…. All things that I would love to get done as well 😀

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