Summer day in the capital

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting that much. I could say I’ve been busy but that wouldn’t be completely true because even though I’ve had some pretty busy days, in others I had plenty of free time. I just didn’t know what to blog about to be honest.

Having gone to Lisbon yesterday, I decided to share my day with you. I’d gone to Lisbon with some friends two weeks ago and I just love it more every time I’m there. My city, Coimbra, is a really small city and even though I love it and it’s my home, there’s something about Lisbon that I really like.

So back to yesterday, I took the train to Lisbon at around 9:30 and after two hours I was arriving at the Lisbon Orient Station. I got out of the train and couldn’t keep the smile off my face as I remembered the last time I’d been on that station (my 5SOS concert). I had a bit of nostagic moment as I waited for my friend, who I was meeting there.

I was in a pretty happy mood because I don’t get to see that friend of mine that much. In fact, this was the second time we were together. We met on twitter and even though it started as an internet friendship, she’s a really close friend of mine. The first time I met her we didn’t spend that much time talking and stuff so it was great to spend a day together.

We took the subway to Chiado, almost missing our stop because we were just talking to each other. We started walking around and the first place we visited was the Bertrand bookshop in Garrett Street which is the oldest operating bookshop in the world.

I didn’t take any photos of the inside but it was really beautiful and it would definitely be in my top 3 of the bookshops I’ve visited. If you want to see some pictures of the inside you can see some here and here.

After that we went to Armazéns do Chiado where we checked a few stores, like a Global Food Store, which was pretty cool, before having lunch there. To finish off lunch, we went to a ice cream shop called Santini which was just on the other side of the street.

The ice cream there is delicious and after buying ours, we started walking around again. It was really hot outside so it was a good thing we had ice cream.

We just kept walking through the streets until we got to a square called Praça do Município (top left picture), where the Lisbon City Hall is located (top right picture). From there we just walked to Terreiro do Paço which didn’t take us long.

We stood there for a while, going to sit by the river for a bit. The city was full of tourists and this square was a place where you could see a lot of them.

It was lovely to sit there with such a beautiful view and it gave us time to just talk face to face, which is something we can’t do that often.

Eventually we started walking again. We went to Rua Augusta, which is the street that starts with the big arch you can see in the pictures of Terreiro do Paço.

fWe entered a couple of stores and I’m glad we did, because when we entered H&M the floor was made of glass and you could see there were some ruins below us (bottom left picture) which was pretty cool!

We made it to the Rossio Square next.

We didn’t stay here for long because of the heat. I needed a cold drink to refresh myself and we both wanted to find a place to just sit down for a bit. We would’ve gone there either way but thankfully Starbucks was just around the corner, in the Rossio train station. So that’s obviously where we went.

I ordered a Raspberry Black Currant Blended Juice Drink (I’m not a 100% sure it was this one since I ordered in Portuguese but according to their website, this is the only one that fits). Anyway, it was really good and since it was a cold drink, it helped me refresh.

These are just some photos I took inside and outside the Rossio train station. After this we just walked for a bit, before taking the subway to the Santa Apolónia Railway Station, because my friend had to go home.

jMy friend and I said goodbye and I was left at the train station. The next train I could get on was at 5p.m. and it wasn’t even 4:30. I was about to go buy my train ticket when something stopped me. The question “do you want to leave Lisbon already?” popped up in my mind and the answer was pretty easy and obvious. No, I didn’t. I knew I’d get to my city and I’d find everything dull and boring because that’s how I always feel when I get home from Lisbon. Besides, I’d told my dad I’d get on the train at 6:30 and he’d pick me up after he finished work because I would arrive at the time he usually leaves work. So if I went at 5 I’d have to take a bus home. In fact, I’d have to take two… So my options were: stay in Lisbon until 6:30 and then get a lift home from my dad or get on the train at 5 and take two buses to get home. It wasn’t hard to decide. I just made my way to the subway again, going once again to Chiado, because I didn’t want to go anywhere too far away from the station.

I ended up entering a lot of stores we hadn’t gone to earlier and after walking in the sun for a while (somehow it seemed to have gotten even warmer) I need something to cool down again. Surprisingly, another Starbucks was again just around the corner and so I made the decision of going there again. I ordered a Cool Lime which is basically a lemonade.

IMG_20150721_171900After a while, I took the subway back to the train station because I wanted to be there early to buy my train ticket (because the last time I was in Lisbon and went to buy my train ticket, there were no tickets left and I had to go in a train half an hour later and I didn’t want that to happen again).

I bought my ticket and I still had like 40 minutes until my train, so I decided to go for a walk. Last year, when I went to Lisbon in the summer, I walked from this train station to Terreiro do Paço and on the main road that connects this two things, there was a lot of street art not too far away from the station. I wanted to go see it again and see how much it had changed. Thankfully, I was walking close to the river so there was a bit of wind which made the heat bearable. I just plugged in my earphones and started walking. The street art was easy to spot and it was amazing! I was really glad I had the time and remembered to go check it!

Making my way back to the train station, I still had almost twenty minutes until my train.

lSince my train was already there, because this was the starting station of the train, I went inside, searching for my seat. Soon, it was 6:30, it was time to leave.Train journeys are another thing I enjoy. I could plug in my earphones and just enjoy the view or get lost in the music, since I didn’t feel like reading my book. Furthermore, it was end of the afternoon and everything looked beautiful with the light the sun gave off because it was almost setting.

I hope you liked this post, even though it was just about what I did yesterday.

Until next time,

Jo x


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