Nine Days In Spain – La Pineda & The Hotel

Hello everyone!

Since I don’t have any other ideas on what to post about, I decided to share with you some pictures of my holiday in Spain. I went with my parents, my brother and my aunt and we went to La Pineda, which is near Salou and Port Aventura (a theme park).

We traveled by car, like we always do when we go to Spain and I think it took us like nine hours to get there from my aunt’s house, with a few stops on the way. We stayed in a three star hotel called Golden Donaire Beach.

This was my bedroom and the view from it. We were really happy that we could see the beach and the sea.

This was the view from my parent’s room, which was even better than ours. Their balcony was also a lot bigger than ours so we spent a lot of evenings there.

After unpacking at the hotel, we decided to go for a quick walk at the beach before going for dinner. Our hotel was literally in the beginning of the beach, as you can see in the picture.

These are some pictures from the next day. The two on the left side were taken when we went for a walk around La Pineda to get to know the place a bit. The other two are, obviously, from our time spent at the beach.

I recently bought the SJ5000 camera from SJCAM and I was really excited about taking pictures underwater with it, so we took a lot of them on the first days. I was even happier when we were swimming and started seeing fishes living in those waters. I spent a bit of time taking pictures or filming them.


Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t always nice and we even had a really big thunderstorm one night. But it was really beautiful, to be honest!

On the days the weather wasn’t good enough to go to the beach, we’d just go for a walk or stay in our rooms, hoping the weather would get better in the afternoon, which sometimes it did. We also went to Tarragona and Salou in one of those afternoons where the weather just wouldn’t seem to get better.

This panoramic photo was taken from my parent’s room. As you can see, they had a great view. From there, you could see the beach, the hotel’s swimming pool and part of La Pineda. You could even see Port Aventura, since it was pretty close to La Pineda.

As I told you, you can see Port Aventura in this picture taken in their balcony. You can see the roller-coasters and other things of the park.

This is the last picture I have to show you. My dad took it and I really like it! I really like the mirror image of the view in the balcony’s glass.

Anyway, these are the pictures I wanted to share with you today.

Until next time,

Jo xx


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