Primark Haul

Hello everyone!

Last Monday I went to Primark and treated myself with some things so I decided to share with you what I bought.

One of the things I went to look for there was a small cosmetic bag where I could put the few beauty essentials I take with me everywhere I go.

I saw this one and I found it so adorable that I knew I had to get it. I was totally in love with it to be honest!

Next thing I bought was a set of three bra converter clips. I’d been meaning to buy them for a while and I just figured it would be cheaper to buy them at Primark than at a lingerie/underwear specialized store.

As you can see, they are heart-shaped which I found really cute.

The next two things I bought were some make up supplies.

I bought this set of mini brushes because they were cheap (2.50€) and I wanted to see if buying this type of things at Primark was worth it.

I also bought this blender sponge because I’d been needing one for a while but always forgot to buy it.

One of the things I like about Primark is the amount of different scented candles I can find there. Even though I don’t like the smell of most of them because I’m really picky, there’s always one or two that I like.

I bought this watermelon scented candle which I hadn’t seen there before and I’m still amazed by how good it smells. The smell is exactly the same as the Trident Senses watermelon chewing gum and I just really like it. (And if I have the unlit candle next to me and smell it sometimes, no one has to know, right?)

Anyway, I also ended up buying a couple of clothes as well.

The last couple of times I’d been there I had eyed this vest top but I didn’t want to spend the money it costed on it (8€). On Monday I found it there at half the initial price and that was more of a price I was willing to pay for it, so I did.

I saw this jumper there and I really liked it, so I went to try it on. It was really comfortable so I decided to buy it for when the weather starts getting colder.

Lastly, I bought this flannel. I’ve loved plaid shirts for years and the fact they have been such a trend the past years gives me an excuse to wear them all the time (not really all the time but more often than I used to). Unfortunately, most of the plaids shirts I have at home are either worn out or don’t fit me that well anymore so I’d been looking for new ones for a while. However, I am extremely picky when it comes to them and the ones I liked were always too expensive. Fortunately I found this one that I really liked and it costed 13€ so I bought it.

This is what I have to show you today. Until next time,

Jo x


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