Redeemed, A House Of Night Novel – Review

(Warning: this post contains spoilers!)
Redeemed is the last book of the House Of Night series by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast. I read it back in my summer holidays in Spain and I’ve been meaning to post a review of it since then.

Even though I’m not as much of a fan of the series as I used to be, I still wanted to read the last book and see how everything turned out.

A little background on the series: they are about vampires (or vampyres, as they call them in the books) and basically once a person gets marked, they are fledgling vampyres and they have to go to a vampyre school called House Of Night where they learn everything about their species until they either complete the “change” and turn into grown vampyres or die. Zoey Redbird gets marked and she goes to the Tulse HoN. A lot of things happen and she and people close to her find themselves fighting against evil people like Nefered or evil itself.

Now, back to the book, one of the things I liked about it was that it didn’t focus too much on Zoey, at least not as much as some of the other books did. In some of them it seemed like winning the battle against Neferet and the Darkness was only in Zoey’s hands but in this book you could see the importance of the people around her. For example, in the end, Zoey thought she would have to sacrifice herself to defeat Neferet but it turned out she wasn’t the one who had to.

Other thing I liked was that throughout the books you could witness the character development of everyone and in this one you could look back to the first book and see the changes in most character. Furthermore, I liked how everyone that deserved a second chance actually got one. Obviously, I have to mention Kalona, since he was a clear example of this: he was one of the villains initially but in the last book he proved he had changed and was, I dare saying, good. I admit I hated him in the beginning because he was awful and when he started trying to be someone better, it took me a while to give him a chance as a reader. However, I also admit that the episode after his death (not his death, I didn’t like that at all and I cried a lot) was one of my favourites in Redeemed. He died in a really selfless way and it was really sad, but when you read about Nyx forgiving him and welcoming him back in her world, you can’t help but feel happy about his ending.

I also have to mention Zoey and Stark’s relationship because I shipped them since probably the 2nd or 3rd time he appeared in the books. So I was happy that they stayed together and finally nobody was getting between them.

There’s a lot more I could say about the book but I don’t want to spoil too much so I’ll just say that Redeemed didn’t disappoint me. I had quite high expectations because there were a few things that I wanted to happen (or not happen, it depends) and the writers did a good job with how they ended everything. I also feel that, even though the House of Night series was quite long (12 books), they managed to keep things interesting until the very end and there were even a few surprises like it happened in the Erebus-Nyx-Kalona plot.

Talking about the whole series now, I feel that they weren’t your typical vampire stories and that’s one of the reasons I started reading them in the first place. So if you like this type of book, I would definitely recommend the HoN series!

This is it for today,

Jo xx


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