Situation: No Motivation

Hello everyone!

I’ve been back at university for almost four weeks now but I just can’t seem to get motivated to start studying or, in some cases, to pay attention in my lectures. I told myself I’d start studying last week because I’ll start having tests and I already have group assignment but I only started today. After being in university for two years (this being the third), one would think I was used to the change of pace from the summer laziness into this routine but I guess I’m not.

I’m so busy with my lectures that when I get home I just want to spend the free time I have doing things that I enjoy. Furthermore, I always feel so tired from my day that when I get home I just want to rest. My classmate and I have done half of our group assignment which is due to next week so I guess it’s not that bad. However, that’s basically all the studying I’ve done since uni started, which is not good at all because there’s a lot of things I should have studied already. I just wish I was even just a little bit motivated to start, you know? But it’s like I can’t make myself start studying.

Also, it’s like there’s nothing appealing about university for me at the moment. I mean, the one thing I’m looking for isn’t uni related at all: my trip to Barcelona this weekend and it’s like I’m more excited for this one thing than for I have been for anything else related to uni since the beginning of the semester. Maybe it’s only natural since I’m going to visit a place I don’t know and maybe next week, once the trip is over, I can fully concentrate on my studies. I don’t think so, though. I just wish I could find a little bit of motivation, because this whole thing is making me stressed but I really just can’t study. I do try but I feel like it’s lost time because my attention is somewhere else. Hopefully, I’ll find the strength to start revising soon.If you do see my motivation wandering around please send it back!

Jo xx


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