Everything feels better at 3a.m.

Hey everybody!
It’s currently 3:34 in the morning and I’m in the middle of a quite empty airport. Actually, there’s a couple people here but since the majority of lights are turned off and the benches are scattered through the airport you can’t really tell how many people are here. I went for a look around when I got here with my friend in search of a place for to charge her phone and I can tell you a lot of benches and chairs have people sleeping on them, waiting to catch their early flights as we are.


Almost two hours ago we settled down in some benches and talked for a while before I decided to lay down. My friend started reading her book and I soon decided to listen to music. Being a bit tired, I started feeling sleepy and I ended up falling asleep for like ten minutes, waking up and then falling asleep again for like twenty more. When I woke up I was in this half awake, half asleep state and lying here listening to music I just felt so happy and calm. Then I suddenly got really awake and The A Team by Ed Sheeran started playing through my earphones and I just felt so content.
And then I just felt like making a blog post, sharing this. Sitting in an uncomfortable bench in a badly illuminated airport, with a couple of people starting to walk around and queue for the check in. I even think it has rained but I can’t be sure because it’s dark outside. But I’m happy and that’s what matters, isn’t it? I’m going to watch the sunrise from inside an airplane (which I’m pretty excited about) and more important, I’m going to be on my flight in less than two and a half hours and I’m so happy because I haven’t been in an airplane in like three years.
It’s weird but I feel like I belong here, in an airport waiting to catch a plane to visit a city I don’t know… Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, or maybe it’s just because my thoughts and emotions are louder at night, but I’m so happy over such a simple thing and I know it’s kinda silly but I’ll take this silliness any day!
Anyway, I probably should stop babbling. I’m off to Barcelona soon and I couldn’t be more excited!
Until next time,
Jo xx


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