Barcelona: Day 2

Hey there!

This week has been really busy for me so I’ve only just found some time to share with you what I did on my second day in Barcelona.

We started the day by going to Casa Batlló. We had bought our tickets online and it didn’t take us too long to get inside. They gave each of us video-guides to help us learn more about the house and Gaudí’s work. We were happily surprised to find out that Portuguese was one of the languages we could choose from when it came to the audio in the video-guides.

So we started our tour through the house and it was lovely. The video-guide had some really cool features, allowing us, for example, to see what inspired the design of some pieces and how the house used to look like.

They had this little copy of the house and if you pointed the video-guide at it, it showed you the inside of every floor, like you can see in the pictures above.

We spent a lovely morning at Casa Batlló and I definitely enjoyed it. After leaving we made our way to Barcelona’s own Arc De Triomf.

In the pictures above you can see the arch and in the top right picture, you can see the AGBAR Tower (which is the really tall building).

The weather was really nice, a little warmer than I expected to be honest, but it allowed us to walk around and enjoy the sun. From here, we then walked to Parc De La Ciutadella.

I really liked this park and again, it was a good thing the weather was so lovely. We stopped here for lunch. We realised we had visited everything that day in less time than we had planned, so we had a lot of free time before the next thing on our list. We decided to go to the Parc Del Laberint D’Horta, which we had actually considered visiting when we were planning the trip but it was pretty far away from everything else. Having that free time, we ended up going. We were on a bus for like 45 minutes till we reached our stop and then we just started walking in hopes of finding any indication of where it was (we had no idea though). My friend ended up searching on the internet, we took another bus, then walked around, we asked people for directions, walked some more, asked another person that actually gave us helpful directions, walked more and finally found it!

The labyrinth wasn’t that big of a deal but I still liked it and the rest of the park was really nice too. We spent a while there before getting on the subway. From then, we started walking to Parc Güell.

The first picture was taken after getting out of the subway and you can see the Tibidabo.The other two are pictures of the view of Barcelona I took as we walked around the park. You can also see an airplane in the top right picture, as it probably about to land on the Barcelona airport.

Parc Güell was really beautiful and so was the view. I really liked our time there, especially as the sun was starting to set and the sky looked pretty (I love sunsets, if you didn’t know).

Before going home, my friend took us to the Bunkers Del Carmel where she said you had the best view of Barcelona. It was almost dark when we got there, only the last remains of the sunset in the sky but it was beautiful nonetheless. Maybe it was even more beautiful because it was night time.

I couldn’t resist taking a bunch of pictures there because it was really really pretty. And the wind was blowing and there were a lot of people there just hanging out, drinking and talking, but completely chilled out and I was just looking over at Barcelona, amazed at how big the city is or maybe at how small I am. And I was just glad my friend had taken us to such beautiful place.

After that we took a bus back to Passeig De Gràcia and then walked home. Here is Casa Batlló at night.

Before going home, we went to a Lindt chocolate shop and I ended up spending 12€ in chocolate (I have no regrets!).

I can honestly say these chocolates are probably some of the best I’ve ever eaten and this is coming from someone who eats a lot of chocolate.

That was my second day in Barcelona. Until next time,

Jo x


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