Barcelona: Day 3

Hello everyone!

I’ve been wanting to make this post since last week but I’ve just been so so busy with university that I didn’t have time. It has been a while since my trip to Barcelona so I might not remember some names of the places that we visited but I still wanted to share what we did on our last day.

It was a pretty relaxing day since we had time for everything and from the beginning of the day we knew we didn’t have to rush or anything.

We started the day by walking to from my friend’s house to Las Ramblas passing by Plaza de Cataluña (see pictures above). It didn’t take us long to get to Las Ramblas.

You could tell it was Sunday since there was a lot of people outside. From here, we walked a bit down the street and started wandering around the Barri Gòtic (the Gothic Quarter).

We spent a couple of time here and we’re able to see a lot of things. We were just outside the Basílica de Santa María Del Mar and we visited the Catedral de Santa Eulalia de Barcelona (pictures in the middle). We also were in Plaza del Rey (last pictures), Plaza Real, Plaza de San Jaime and also others places. I really liked our morning walking around there!

Then we made our way to Las Ramblas and decided to go visit El Liceu.

I really liked visiting it! It was really beautiful and we had a guide that was really nice to us, which made the visit even better. It was lunch time when we left so my friend suggested we went to a place called 100 Montaditos.

The food was good and really cheap and I’d definitely recommend it! (There’s one of these restaurants in Lisbon so I’m kind of looking forward to the next time I’ll have a chance of having lunch in Lisbon so that I can go check it out.)

After lunch, we started walking to La Barceloneta and I was quite looking forward to seeing the sea. We made a quick stop at a little bar that my friend wanted to show us. I don’t really know its name just that it was near the Museo de Cera, but it was really pretty! It was really dark inside, but the atmosphere was the best!

We walked a lot that afternoon but the weather was lovely for it.

Once we reached the beach, we sat down for a while, just talking and enjoying the weather.

After being there for a while, we went for ice cream and ate the cutest ice cream I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

The ice cream shop was called Eyescreams and Friends and as you can see the ice cream was the cutest thing!

Unfortunately though, nothing lasts forever and after a while we were making our way back home because one of my friends and I were catching a plane back home that night. We had dinner and then it was time to go. We said our goodbyes and then walked to the train station where we caught a train directly to the airport. We had some time to kill at the airport but eventually we were flying away.


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