Current Obsession

Hi there!

I apologise for my lack of posts but it’s been hard to balance my studies, my blog and still have time to rest. Before talking about the topic that brings me here, let me just quickly update you on what’s going on in my life at the moment: I went to see Mockingjay Part 2 last Friday (omg! I loved it!), I have three group assignments that I need to make in the next couple of weeks (I apologise in advance for my absence) and, more importantly, I’m going to Germany on Saturday to visit my brother! I still don’t know what I’m visiting but expect a blog post (or a couple of them) about it, with tons of pictures!

Now, back to the subject… A couple of months, a friend of mine told me I should check out this band that she knew I’d like. Me being me, I forgot about it and only last week, while I was on Spotify, did I remember to check them out. You can imagine what happened… I was in love with their music and I’ve been obsessed with it since last week. This band is called Against The Current (this post is called Current Obsession, coincidence? Nah…). They’re a pop-rock band for the U.S. and I really really like their sound! Some of my favourite songs are ‘Brighter’ and ‘Outsiders’.



Anyway, I think you should definitely check them out!

Until next time,

Jo xx



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