Travel: What Can Go Wrong?

Hello everyone!

I came back home yesterday from spending a couple of days in Germany and I had the idea while I was there to make this blog post. Please know that I’m writing it in a joking way. I wasn’t bothered by half of the stuff, but I just figured it would be fun to write.

So, when you’re planning a trip, you might wonder what could go wrong. Well, let me tell you…

  • You might wake up with a sore throat the day before you have to travel and the next day you’ll find out it wasn’t simply a sore throat, waking up with a really bad headache, a blocked-up nose, an even worse sore throat, all of which made you have a restless night of sleep.
  • You’re seated on the plane when they announce that you’ll have to wait another half an hour before the plane departs because there’s a problem with some radar in the west coast of France and they aren’t letting any airplanes through.
  • You might realise you should have brought some food with you because you had breakfast at 7a.m. and it’s now 12 and you’re really hungry so you end up buying a really expensive snack in your Ryanair flight (probably the most expensive snack you’ve ever bought).
  • Don’t forget to talk to the person that’s picking you up at the airport about a meeting point, so that you don’t have to spend time worrying about whether you’ll be able to find each other or not.
  • Probably learn a few words in the mother language of the country you’re visiting, even if it’s just hello and thank you. It’ll make you feel less of an idiot when everyone around you is talking in a language you don’t understand. (Also, those French lessons back in 9th grade might come in handy after all, even if you don’t remember much anymore…)
  • If you wake up with a stomach ache, remember the chocolate milk you decided to drink straight before going to bed the night before.
  • Don’t let yourself get fooled by the idea that if your flight out of your country had been late, the flight back won’t be as well. It can happen, it does happen!

Now, you might also be wondering: will one enjoy the trip with all those things happening? Yes, you will enjoy it. In fact, I’ll dare say you will enjoy it even more, if you can laugh it all off!



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