The River Quotes #31

Hey there!

The year is coming to an end which means I had the idea for these posts almost a year ago and I’ve posting these quotes since then. So here are some more…

November 18th:

“I wish happiness was untouchable, and nothing would hurt.”

– Ashton Irwin

November 19th:

“Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers.”

– Alfred Lord Tennyson

November 20th:

“Does it ever drive you crazy
Just how fast the night changes?
Everything that you’ve ever dreamed of
Disappearing when you wake up
But there’s nothing to be afraid of
Even when the night changes
It will never change me and you”

– Night Changes, One Direction

November 21st:

“Health is not simply the absence of sickness.”

– Hannah Green

November 22nd:

“It’s so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to.”

– Annie Gottlier

November 23rd:

“Defeat is not bitter unless you swallow it.”

– Joe Clark

November 24th:

“Make your optimism come true.”

November 25th:

“Whenever you fall, pick something up.”

– Oswald Avery

November 26th:

“I’m kind of jealous of the life I’m supposedly leading.”

– Zach Braff

November 27th:

“Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here!”

– J. K Rowling

November 28th:

“What happens when the future has come and gone?”

– Robert Half

November 29th:

“In a mad world only the mad are sane.”

– Akira Kurosawa

November 30th:

“I write because I’m afraid to say some things out loud.”

This is it for now. I hope everyone’s having a good day!

Until next time,

Jo x


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