Visiting new places: Luxembourg

Hello everyone!

I finally have some time to share some of the pictures I took on my trip back at the beginning of the month. I went to visit my brother in Saarbrücken with my aunt and in our second day there we decided to go to Luxembourg, since it was less than two hours away by car.


The drive there was surprisingly nice. The view was always beautiful and the sky was blue with only a few clouds (my brother says we were lucky enough with the weather the whole time we were there).


When we got to the city of Luxembourg, even though the weather wasn’t as nice, I was immediately in love with the city, with some of the buildings we saw (like the towers in the pictures above on the right side). We parked the car in the first car park we could find and then started walking around.


The first place we went to was the train station, which you can see in the pictures above. The ceiling was really beautiful, as you can see and there we got out first surprised of the day: there were three teens sitting on a bench talking fluent Portuguese. We started paying more attention and realised that out of the 12 people that were in the room (us three included) 8 of them were speaking Portuguese. We knew that there’s a lot of Portuguese people in Luxembourg but we didn’t expect to find a bit of our country every two steps we took. There was a Portuguese flag hanging of a window, a restaurant had a typical Portuguese name… We were surrounded by people talking our mother language and it almost felt like we weren’t in a foreign country.


Unfortunately as we were crossing a bridge from one side of the city to the other, it started raining a bit. We walked around for a bit but decided not to wander off too much because the rain didn’t seem like it was stopping anytime soon and I was a bit ill.


We crossed the bridge back to where we were before and ventured through another street that would take us in the direction of the car. A couple of minutes it stopped raining, so we decided not to go back to the car so soon. Even if we stayed in that part of the city, there was a lot for us to see.


I ended up taking a lot of pictures of this tower because the whole thing just reminded me of Hogwarts so much (it does, doesn’t it?) and it was like if I tried hard enough I could actually pretend Hogwarts existed. It’s silly but it made me smile, it was my favourite thing to look at.


Another thing I really liked was the Christmas decorations. Everything looked so beautiful and Christmas-y, it made me so excited for the holiday season! We walked through this Christmas market and they had chestnuts for sale from Trás-Os-Montes which is a region in the north of Portugal (again, we almost felt at home).


Even though we didn’t see much of Luxembourg, we saw enough for me to be able to tell it’s a lovely place and I wish I had had more time to spend there. It was a great day though!

Jo xx


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