You’ve been good 2015

When the year started I posted a sort of bucket list with things that I wanted to accomplish in 2015, so I figured I could look back and see how that went.

The first thing I said I’d like to do was travel more. I’m happy to say that I was really successful on this one. Between visiting Lisbon, my summer holidays and the trip to Germany to finish off the year (you can find post about all of those here), I can proudly say I traveled more than I thought I would at the beginning of the year.

The next thing I wanted to do was meet my two twitter friends. They are two really close friends of mine and they’ve become even closer to me this year. I’m really happy that I got to meet them back in May in the 5SOS concert (I met them in the same day which was even better). One of them lives pretty far away from me so that was the only time I was able to be with her. The other one lives near Lisbon so in the summer we spent a whole day together there.

The third thing I said I wanted to do was read more. This is the one thing I’m not sure I accomplished. I was able to read quite a few books (I even reviewed some of them here) but I feel like the amount of books I read doesn’t even come close to the number of books I used to read a few years ago, but maybe that’s just because I’ve been way busier since I started university.

Last but definitely not least, I said I wanted to let go and move on. Well, this is the thing that I’m more proud of having accomplished. If one year ago someone had told me I’d stand where I stand today, I wouldn’t have believed them. And it’s so great to see how far I’ve come this year. This is year wasn’t easy for me, as I’m sure you know if you’ve been following my blog for long enough, but I’m happy with the result. If I had to do it all again to be who I am today, I probably would (with a few exceptions, of course). I’m happy to say I was able to learn to let go and it made me stronger.

Jo xx


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