Friends & Kindness

Life has been busy and it’s easy for me to get lost in my own little world when I have some free time. While I reckon it’s good to have some time for yourself, it’s also important to not disregard the other people in your life (also to not disregard my blog but I’m still working on that).

My friends have always been important to me. I admit there’s times when I tend to distance myself. Even then, their importance in my life is never in question.

You might be wondering why I’m writing this or where I’m going with it, but the truth is I don’t know. Nothing particularly special has happened. I’ve just been reflecting about friendship for a while and these past weeks I’ve been kind of overwhelmed by the amount of kindness and friendship thrown at me. As I said, nothing special happened, maybe it has always been this way and I’m just now noticing it around me. I don’t really know but I wanted to write about it.

When I finished high school, my friends and I would be going our separate ways and I was scared. Even though, from our group of friends, only a couple of them were going to a different city, it was scaring. We were all going to different courses, we were all going to have different schedules, we were all going to meet new people… Fifteen-year-old me had lost many friends over distance so it was only natural that I was afraid it would happen again. The thing about growing up is that you start seeing what’s important and what isn’t and you start acting accordingly. They were important to me. We were important to each other and we made it work. We make it work. It’s been three years and we’ve only gotten closer since then. And it’s really good to have that group of friends that has been there since the “start”. It’s a different kind of friendship from the friends you make at university. Not necessarily better or worse, but different nonetheless. We try to see each other regularly but sometimes it isn’t easy, but we have group chats where we talk and share things. It makes it easier to keep in touch, especially since I kind of suck at staying in touch with them individually. Then, every time we are together, even if not all of us can be there or if there are other people there, it’s really good to feel the familiarity. I tend to feel on edge around people I don’t know so it’s good to be with them and feel so comfortable, so relaxed. It’s like returning home after being away for a while. Even though we’ve been friends for so long, sometimes it still amazes me how I got to have such an amazing group of friends. The things they do for me, big or small, I’m so grateful to have friends like them, who I know I can count on no matter what. Also, witnessing them all grow up and you growing up as well, but knowing your group of friends is a constant thing. And it’s good to have that constant in your life. I get reminded of that every time we meet up.

This week I went out for lunch with another friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in two months (I think). She’s another really close friend of mine and this is another example of a friendship that got stronger after we started seeing each other less. We might go some time without talking to each other or without seeing each other but every time we get together, it’s like we’d never been apart. Talking to her is one of the most effortless things and honestly, she’s one of those people that I feel like I could talk to about anything. She’s one of the friends I trust the most. Even when she’s laughing at my face when I tell her about one of my classmates failed attempts to flirt with me… Even then, she’s an amazing friend and I’m really glad to have her in my life!

I’ve said it before that I’m not a social person and I often find myself a bit nervous when I’m around people I don’t know. So life would be really hard for me at university if I didn’t have one of my best friends there. Even after three years, I still don’t feel at ease in the university environment. My course is really small so, comparatively, there’s not that many people in the building where I have my lectures and a part of them are my classmates, but I still have a hard time feeling comfortable there. Unless I’m with my friends, the ones I made there. Especially the one I mentioned before. We had never seen each other before going to university since she’s from other part of the country but we got close pretty quick. I don’t really remember meeting her, I just remember considering her a friend two weeks into university. Even though we know each other for less than three years, I consider her one of my best friends, even if it’s different. It’s good to have a person with you every day to lean on. I honestly don’t know how I’d go through some days without her. It’s the same with the other friends I’ve made there, even if we aren’t as close. It’s good to have good friends in the place you frequently are in. Even some other classmates I’m not really close to surprise me by the kindness they show me some times.

Honestly, it’s just good to know you have people you can count on because sometimes even only that reassurance is enough. Even just knowing that you can just send them a text or call if you want is enough.



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