Rainbow Rowell

The fuss around some books by Rainbow Rowell isn’t small and for quite a while I’d been wanting to read Eleanor & Park. I wanted to read it in English but I couldn’t find a copy of it anywhere in my city and since I prefer to go to a bookshop and buy the books I want straight away instead of ordering them online and having to wait for them to arrive, I settled for buying the Portuguese version of it, which was much easier to find.

So I started reading Eleanor & Park and I immediately liked it. Without getting too much into the story, I really liked the importance of music throughout the book and the way their relationship evolved. I admit I was a bit disappointed with the ending because I felt like I deserved to know what the future had reserved for them, but it was an amazing book nonetheless. It was probably one of my favorite books out of the ones I read this year and the past one.

Since I liked it so much I decided to buy Fangirl, even though I was kind of put off by the title. I thought I could never like another Rainbow Rowell book as much as I’d liked Eleanor & Park so my expectations were low. I started reading it and it didn’t take me long to realise I was wrong: for me, Fangirl was even better than Eleanor & Park. The story was really good and I was hooked almost instantly. Once again, the ending left me hanging a bit. I found myself wanting to know more about Cath’s fanfiction and what happened in the last chapter.

Anyhow, if you’re into young adult novels, I’d definitely recommend both Eleanor & Park and Fangirl and honestly I can’t wait to read more of her books.


P.S.: I’m sorry I haven’t been here, this post was supposed to be out last week but I’ve just been so so busy! But, hey, I went to Rome and it was beautiful and I can’t wait to share things about it here (but it’ll only happen in like two weeks because next week I’ll be busier than ever).


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