The worst semester

Hello everyone!

Since the year started I wasn’t able to give my blog the attention I would have liked. The semester was chaotic and I didn’t have time nor motivation to write on here. I tried writing a couple of times but everything felt too cold and rushed and not personal at all, so I ended up not publishing anything unless I had something I felt it was worthy of being shared.

The semester was very tiring for me. The worst since I started uni (and we’d been told it would be like this). It was assignment after assignment, tests, mid-term exams and on top of it all preparing everything for the academic week. Besides, since the semester started, I couldn’t find interest in any of my subjects so I was never able to pay attention for long in class (except in the one where we spent our classes in the laboratory doing things, which was something I really enjoyed, even the paperwork after). It made me feel really bad, that no matter how much I tried, I simply couldn’t get interested in my subjects. It was taking a toll on me as the semester went on. The only thing that helped me deal with it all was the fact that I had things to look forward too. First it was Rome. I honestly don’t know how I would have dealt with the rest of the semester if I hadn’t gotten out of here for a few days in April. Then, it was the academic week… For people of another countries, even for people that have never experienced this tradition of Coimbra, it’s hard to understand. But I watched it happen since I was little and then I got in university and it started getting closer and closer. Since the year started, my classmates and I had been so excited. And then it was time and I couldn’t have asked for a better day. The memories of this week and knowing I only had a little over two more weeks of class helped but the amount of assignments and tests we had the past weeks was insane. I went to see Adele on May 21st (she was so amazing btw!!), which was a good because it gave me time to breathe, but it also felt a bit like wasted time that I should’ve spent studying for the exam I had that week. Thankfully, I was able to prepare myself (not without missing a few lectures but I wouldn’t pay attention in them anyway) and it went better than I expected. I turned 21 last Friday and had a lovely birthday even with how tired I was. I had a major group assignment due to yesterday so there was that too. But my classes are finally over and now I just need to study for my exams and then get a proper rest this summer so that when the next year starts I’m back on my feet again, motivated to face my classes.

Hopefully, I’ll start posting more on here again. I hope everyone has been good!

Until next time,



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