Why 5SOS concerts might be my favourite thing

Last year in May I attended the 5 Seconds Of Summer concert here in Portugal and made a little post about it to share my experience. One year later and I was going to their concert in Madrid (since they were not coming to Portugal).

I’ve talked about 5SOS enough times on the blog for anyone to know they’re very important to me. Last year, when they announced the european dates of their tour and Portugal wasn’t on the list I was sad, heartbroken and really upset. I immediately started looking for options to go see them live. I could go to Manchester since it was on a weekend before a national holiday here in Portugal (when I ended up going to Rome actually) but the two people that said that wouldn’t mind going with me couldn’t go because they were busy that weekend (and I’m glad it went that way or I wouldn’t have gone to Rome). The other option was Manheim, which was close enough to the city where my brother lives in Germany but it was in the middle of the week, in the middle of my exam season so I immediately discarded that option. Finally, there was Madrid, which was the closest option to me and was also on a Saturday. I could even take a train from my city straight to Madrid if I went alone. The friday before the concert was a national holiday so I asked my parents if they didn’t want to go to Madrid for the long weekend (they had talked about visiting Madrid a while ago) and they said yes. Going to the concert was my birthday gift from them. I bought the ticket from a girl on Twitter (which I was kind of nervous about because she could be tricking me but everything went okay) and the seat seemed to be far better than what I could’ve hoped buying it so close to the concert.

On Saturday afternoon, after spending a lovely morning in the Reina Sofia Museum and then going to the park of El Retiro after lunch (and making a quick stop at the Gran Vía), we took the subway to Palácio Vistalegre which is a bit far away from the center of Madrid. The doors opened at 7p.m. so I was there a bit before that. Even with reserved seats, the queue was huge. I saw a lot of girls meeting their internet friends for probably the first time (they ran to each other and hugged like they’d never been happier) and it made me really happy to watch. I really like how concerts are a place where you can make new friends or meet your internet best friends for the first time (I met my two closest internet friends last year at the 5SOS concert).

My parents said goodbye to me when they opened the doors to the arena and went back to the center of Madrid. I had to wait in line almost one hour and I could feel myself getting more and more nervous and excited. I had no rush though, since I had no plans to see the opening act (they were some Spanish band I’d never heard of) so after getting inside, I went to the merch store before going to my seat. I was happily surprised with how good my seat was, since it was closer to the stage than I thought it would be. I was even happier when I saw a girl wrapped in a Portuguese flag walking to a seat in the row behind me (there were a lot of Portuguese fans there actually). I started talking to her and before the concert started she managed to exchange seats with the woman next to me so we spent the concert together (it was really nice to have someone who I could speak Portuguese with).

I could barely wait for the concert to start. I just wanted to see them live. I missed them and they’ve helped me so much that I just wanted to see them. Besides, I was particularly excited about a couple of the songs they were playing because they meant a lot to me. I can’t really describe how I felt the moment their first song, Carry On, started playing. My hands were shaking so much and I just, I felt so happy that they were there. I honestly had to hold the tears in. It was like suddenly everything was okay. I had no worries in the world. I was where I was supposed to be, where I feel more at ease, where I feel safe. I was home.

The concert was great. They played some of my favourite songs, some of which I’d already heard live but was ecstatic to hear again like Disconnected and Long Way Home. When Outer Space started I could barely hold my self together with how I was feeling. I was beyond happy to hear that song live. From the moment I first heard it, and for no special reason actually, I’ve had a connection with it. The lyrics “nothing like the rain when you’re in outer space” make me feel particularly happy and so, so relaxed. I just love this song and hearing it live was one of the best things ever. I don’t even know how I managed not to cry because I was so emotional but the tears just wouldn’t fall.

Besides Outer Space, there was another song I’d been waiting to hear live since I had my ticket. It was the song I’d wanted to hear and see live the most. It was Jet Black Heart. I can’t even begin to tell you what this song means to me. When this song came out last year, it helped me so, so much. This song made me believe that it’s okay to be broken, that everyone has problems and that’s okay, that it’s okay not to be okay sometimes. Thanks to JBH I accepted that I’m broken and started being okay with it, and let me tell you that life got so much easier for me once I accepted this. I even started being okay with other people seeing that I’m broken sometimes and that was a huge step. After being okay with this part of myself, it didn’t take long for me to start loving myself more and I’ve been way happier and it was this song that started this. Thanks to this song the past year was probably one of the best of my life. Jet Black Heart has helped and stills helps me more than any other song ever has and for that I’ll always be thankful to 5SOS and especially Michael for writing this song and showing me that if he can be broken and be such an amazing person, so can I.

Anyway, back to the concert… The moment the lights turned blue and everyone but Michael left the stage I knew this song was coming. The room was dark except for a blue spotlight directed at Michael and everyone was screaming and shouting his name and you could see, like in every show before this song, he was feeling emotional and happy with all the support and strength the crowd gave him. I swear he almost started crying and so did I. Then he started singing and it was just him, his guitar and the fans. And then he asked us to sing (which we were already doing) and every fan was singing “And now that I’m broken, and now that you know it” at the top of their lungs and it was a moment I’ll never forget because everyone had their reasons but that song meant something to every fan in there and to Michael. Every one of us was singing and then Michael shut up in the chorus and it was just us singing and his guitar and it was so beautiful. I felt myself healing all over. Then the other boys came on stage and started playing as well. I was so emotional the whole song. Then Calum started singing the bridge and then it was the chorus again and it was like… I don’t even have words. I’d never experienced anything as powerful as standing in that arena singing along to Jet Black Heart with thousands of other people, everyone together putting their heart and soul into that song. It was something I’ll never forget.

The rest of the concert went smoothly. They sang a lot of other songs I’d been excited to hear but I’m not going to name them all. They made a song about Madrid which was really cool and pretty catchy as well (“I was thinking like, mad for Madrid, you get it?” said Michael as he tried to come up with a song). All in all it was an amazing show! When they left the stage before the encore I had to lean on my seat and sit down because it was all too much and it was almost over.

I didn’t think the concert could be better than the first one I’d attended last year but it was and it just made me sure that I’ll try to see them again in the next tour even if they don’t come to Portugal, because life gets easier after you’ve seen your favourite band live. It gives you energy and strength that can last for months.


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