When was the last time…

… you did something for the first time?

Two weeks ago I stumbled upon a picture on the internet that had this exact question and it didn’t leave my mind for a while. A few days later I was boarding a plane to Frankfurt-Hahn and I couldn’t help but remember this question. Why, you ask? Well, I was boarding the plane on my own and it was my first flight by myself. It was the first time I was traveling to another country alone. Granted, my brother was waiting for me at the airport, because he was back in Germany, and I stayed at his house (he was actually the one that bought my plane tickets as a gift) but still it felt like quite a big step for me. I admit I was a bit nervous at the beginning of my flight, because I was alone and what if something happened? But I quickly calmed down and it was a great flight and I was just so excited to be back in the city where my brother lives. I had some amazing days; we went to a really breathtakingly beautiful place called Saarschleife, we went to Strasbourg and I just loved it all so much.

Even though it’s not a huge thing, this was my last first. What was yours?

Until next time,



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