September Book Haul

Hello everyone!

On my first day back at university I went to the mall after my lectures and ended up buying a couple of books, mainly because I was stressed and anxious and buying books always seems to help me calm down (I don’t know… it’s weird but it’s true) but also because they seemed to be quite cool.


The first book I chose was called Só No Escuro Podes Ver As Estrelas by Cristina Boavida. She’s a Portuguese writer and not that known so I doubt the book has been translated to any other language but I guess the tittle in English would be something like “Only in the dark you can see the stars”. I’d seen it in a bookshop a while ago and it caught my interest but I couldn’t waste money back then so I decided to postpone buying it. When I saw it this time (it was a different bookshop so they could not have it), I was pretty excited because I could buy it now.

The second one is Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon (Tudo, Tudo… e Nós in Portuguese) and it’s about a girl that has a rare disease that makes unsafe for her to get out the house, but then she gets new neighbors and there’s a boy involved. I found it really captivating so that’s why I bought it.

I also bought a book called Calm: Calm The Mind. Change The World. by Michael Acton Smith. I’d heard one youtuber talk about this book in her August favourites (I think) and it really caught my attention, even though I didn’t plan on buying it until I saw it at the store.

Finally, the last book I bought and the only in English was Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella. This one is also about a girl that can’t leave the house (yeah, I know…), even though from what I can tell her reasons are totally different and then her brother’s friend asks her out and things happen, I guess (I haven’t read it). It seemed like quite a fun book to read and that’s why I bought it.

I haven’t read any of them yet and university has started so it’s getting harder to find time to read but I hope I can read then soon.

This is what I bring you today.

Until next time,



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