Friends = Happiness

Hey, it’s me again!

I just got home from a friend’s birthday dinner and even though it’s past one in the morning and I’ve already blogged today (yesterday, I guess), I had to write this.

I just feel so happy that I wanted to share what I was feeling, if not for anything else, to remember this moment later when things aren’t so great. I was with three of my closest friends who I hadn’t seen in a little while (except one of them with who I hang out last Thursday) and it’s always so good to be with them. They’re my people and being around them makes me immensely happy but sometimes I forget that and only acknowledge it when I’m with them again. The other friend I was with (it was her birthday) I hadn’t seen in a really long time, half a year, give or take and it was so great to see her. I was kind of surprised she invited me to her birthday dinner because we don’t talk much, I hadn’t talked to her since the last time we were together, so it made me really happy that she did invite me. She’s one of my oldest friends, we “met” when we were two years old because we went kindergarten together and we were always in the same class all the way until the 11th grade. So yeah, even if we don’t talk that much anymore because we went different ways, she’s still a really important friend and it was great to catch up and see her again. I had a amazing night and on the way home I just felt so happy and realised it was all because of my friends. So yeah, thanks friends for making me happy, without really knowing.



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