Web Summit #2


It’s been too long since I’ve been here but the past weeks have been kind of chaotic. That’s a story for another day though.

A month ago I went to Web Summit. I’ve told you about the first day I spent there and even though it’s been a while, I still want to tell you about my experience on the second day I was there.


I got there before the first talk started, but it was the second one the first that I was excited abot: “The Truth About The Music Industry” with Tinie Tempah, Ne-Yo, Hans-Holger Albrecht from Deezer, Eric Wahlforss from Soudcloud and Andrew Flanagan from Billboard. It was really interesting to hear them speak and I really liked Tinie Tempah’s personality. He was kind of amazing!


The next one I totally loved was “Afraid to fail because of other people’s opinions?” with Gary Vaynerchuck and he was so great! I was completely gobsmacked with him!


Then after lunch there was “What’s next for the biggest game in the world?” with Mike Quigley from Niantic which was quite cool because he talked about Pokemon Go. Another one I liked was “Preaching To The Converted” with Marian Goodell from Burning Man and the Bishop Paul Tighe.

Finally, the other one I love was “The difference between a crowd and a community” with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, which I was quite looking forward too. The arena was quite full to watch his talk and he was great.


It was such an interesting talk and he was amazing at talking to people. I really really liked it!

I thought the talks on Thursday were generally better than the ones on Tuesday, but I liked going both days. And it really was a great experience! So great that I might consider getting the full ticket next year.





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