Lush Haul – The Last Haul of 2016

Hello everyone! And a happy new year to you all!

On Boxing Day, knowing about Lush’s usual sales at this time of the year, I went on their Portuguese website. It wasn’t working, similarly to other Lush’s websites like the one from the UK (that’s the only I checked). After a couple of hours, I managed to be get on the website and started looking for the products with a 50% discount and planning what to buy. I ended up buying a lot of stuff and there are somethings I wish I’d bought (like the Snow Fairy body conditioner) but I had to control the amount of money I spent.

Lush was fairly quick in sending their products, considering the amount of people that was buying stuff. I made my order on Monday at the end of the afternoon and they sent me an email on Tuesday night saying that my order was ready and had been sent. On Wednesday morning, my doorbell was ringing and I had all my Lush things.


They were as nice as always and sent me a couple of samples and that’s what I’m going to start with.


They sent me a sample of the Limelight toothy tabs, which was great because I almost bought them myself but I wasn’t sure I would like the taste, so now I can try them for me and see if I like them or not. There was also a sample of Lemony Flutter which I had never actually heard about. I did my research and found out it’s cuticle butter and I’m really curious about tying it because I’ve read great reviews about it. Finally they also sent a sample Happy Hippy which is a shower gel so that’s always a good thing to try out (that’s actually how I fell in love with the Lord Of Misrule shower gel).

Now onto the actual stuff I bought. Let’s start with the products from the Christmas range.


When it comes to bath products, I decided not to buy too much. First because I’d already made a Lush a haul in October where I bought the Christmas bath bombs I wanted to try (like Never Mind The Ballistics and Shoot For The Stars) but also because there were a lot of other products I wanted to try.

Still, I bought the Magic Wand Bubble Bar (for 4.48€) because it has the Snow Fairy smell, which I love (but I wanted to try the other smells so this was the only snow fairy scented thing I bought). Plus, it’s a reusable bubble bar, which is always good. I also bought the Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar (for 2.98€) because I was curious about it and it was for sale, but I might be giving it to a friend as a gift.


On the Christmas range, I also bought these products, mainly because I’d been curious about them for a while and buying them with such a discount was the best deal. I bought the Elf On The Shelf Fun (for 3.98€) and even though I’m not really sure I appreciate the smell that much, I’m looking forward to trying it because it’s just such a different concept for a product and you can use it in so many ways. I bought the Santa Baby Lip Scrub (for 3.98€) because I’d been wanting to try one of Lush’s lip scrubs for a while. I didn’t really realise I would enjoy eating it so much. I also love the fact that it has little edible red hearts. I ended up buying the matching Santa Baby Lip Tint (for 4.48€) which I didn’t realise would be so pigmented but it’s a great lipstick!


Finally, I bought two bottles of the Lord Of Misrule shower gel (12.48€ – 500g; 7.98€ – 250g) because like I said above Lush sent me a sample of it when I bought the bath bombs in October and I fell in love with everything about it: the color, the smell, everything. It’s probably one of my favourite products of them and I couldn’t go without it for a whole year. As you can see, I bought the Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly (for 2,98€) because I’ve wanted to try a shower jelly for a while and this one was for sale so why not? The smell of it reminds me of the shampoo my mum used to buy me as a kid so I immediately loved it because of that. Last but not least, I bought the Christingle Body Conditioner (for 6,98€). Until last minute, I was going to buy the Snow Fairy one but then I decided to buy this one instead cause I’d never tried it. The blue colour is really beautiful and the smell is so good that I’m really glad I decided this way and can’t wait to try it.

I also bought a couple of things that weren’t in the Christmas range nor did they have a discount but I wanted them.


My Angels on Bare Skin cleanser finished in November so I’d been waiting for my next Lush order to buy a new one because I like it a lot. Since when I first bought it, I had been torn between that cleanser and Herbalism, and here on the blog someone recomended me this one too, I decided to buy it (for 9.95€) to see if I like it better than the other one or not. I also bought the Dirty Toothy Tabs (for 6.95€) because back in October they sent me a sample of Miles Of Smiles and even though I didn’t like the taste at all, I liked the product so this time I decided to go for these ones because they seemed to be ones that have a more similar taste to the toothpaste I normally use. I’ve tried them and I like them a lot, they do taste like normal toothpaste. Finally, I bought the Charity Pot (for 5€) because it’s Christmas and there’s no better time to do little acts of good (not that you shouldn’t do them all year round but you know what I mean right?).

So this was it for my massive Lush Haul. Have tried any of this products? And is there any other that you thing I should try?



12 thoughts on “Lush Haul – The Last Haul of 2016

  1. Great selection of products. Happy to see you chose Herbalism. I’m a huge, huge fan of that one. It’s great for sensitive skin, I use it every day and it hasn’t dried out my skin. Win! I also bought a couple of new products during the sale that I hadn’t tried before like the Snow Fair Body Conditioner (still figuring out how much I need to use each time) and I bought Dream Cream (which wasn’t one sale). Loving all of it so far. I’d like to try the Lord of Misrule but haven’t come across it yet. Great post, and nice blog too.

    Would you be interested in writing/sharing a couple of articles on I’d love to see more if this kind of content on the platform as we continue to branch out. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail for more information. You can find my contact details on my blog. Hope to hear from you.

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    • Sorry it took me so long to reply!
      I’m loving Herbalism so far! Never tried the Dream Cream, is it good? I’d definitely recommend Lord of Misrule to anyone, I hope you try it in the future. And thanks 🙂
      I don’t know enough about to give you a proper answer. But I already have a hard time managing this blog while getting my master’s degree so I’m not sure I could join another platform because I wouldn’t get to dedicate myself to it as much as I should

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