Mini Primark Make Up Haul

Hello everyone! It’s been a while…

I have my exams at uni throughout January so that’s why I have been M.I.A. from here. I had a exam today in the afternoon and (hopefully) I have my last one of Friday so I’m almost done.

Since I don’t feel like studying because my head hurts and I’ve been meaning to make this post since I bought the stuff, I thought it was the perfect time to finally share with you what I bought.

I’ve watched and read a couple of reviews of Primark make up where people say good things about and since it’s all so cheap I wanted to try it. Granted, I didn’t buy that much make up but they didn’t have much in the store at the moment.


Starting with the non-make up stuff, I bought this scrunchie hairband because I prefer tying my hair with this kind of thing and it was cute and it was 50%off so I paid €1 for it, so it was a good deal for me.

I bought a Kabuki brush because I have a couple of Primark make up brushes and they’re alright and I wanted to buy one of these (and I paid €3.50 which is really cheap for a brush). I also bought this three mini blender sponges for €2.

I’d also been wanting to buy a cleaning spray for my brushes but the ones I could find in my city were all a bit expensive for my budget so I went to Primark looking for it, knowing it would be cheap. I bought it for €2.50 and it was the last one they in stock so I was really lucky. I’ve used it and it does the work so that’s good.

When it comes to make up, as you can see, I bought the Angel By Day Palette. I confess it was the name that caught my attention but then I also liked the what it has inside and it was so cheap (€3.50) that I decided to buy it.


Here’s a picture of the inside (there’s also a mirror behind the “how to guide” card). It has four eyeshadows (Soft Glow, Midnight, Velvet and Truffle) and they’re matte, except Velvet, which is quite shimmery, one blush (Dolly) and one highlighter (Pearl), which I don’t think I’ll be using as such (I’ll probably use it as an eyeshadow as well).

Last but not least, I bought a peel-off face mask. I already know the brand because I’ve bought them before at Primark. I just never bought the Pink Lemonade one, it was pomegranate or something like that. But anyway, I like these face masks a lot; they’re great for my skin and one of the these packages is enough for at least three times (and it’s €1.20 so it’s a great deal). Besides the brand that makes them is cruelty free (the mask has the PETA symbol on the back) and I’m trying to reduce/eliminate the amount of non cruelty free cosmetics I use.

So yeah, that’s it for today. Until next time,



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