January Favourites

Hello everyone!

I am so excited to finally be making this post! I’ve been looking forward to the end of January for a while to make it because I have quite a few things to share with you guys. Brace yourselves because it’s going to be a long post… So let’s start, shall we?


These are just some of the things I want to talk about but first let’s talk about other things, like music for example. This month Ed Sheeran came back with two new songs! And Castle On The Hill is definitely one of the songs I’ve listened to the most since it was out. Another song I’ve been obsessed with this month is Take What You Want by One Ok Rock featuring 5 Seconds Of Summer, both the Japanese and the International versions. The lyrics are just so good and Ashton has such a good solo! There’s also a few other songs I have to mention: There’s Only One Of You by Nathan Sykes (I’ve loved this song since the album was out and since Nathan announced it would be his new single I listened to it even more), I Don’t Wanna Live Forever by Zayn feat. Taylor Swift and finally Nobody Like You by Little Mix (I’ve been listening to this a lot the last couple of days).

Now, in terms of books, I didn’t read that much in January but one book I want to mention is Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig. I haven’t finished reading it cause this is the one book I only reach out for in the not so good days. In the middle of my anxiety and stress filled exam season, I reached for it a couple of times and I just love reading it and just absorbing the words. I think it’s a book everyone should read, even if you don’t suffer from anything close to anxiety or depression because it can help you understand how people around you feel.

Onto TV Shows, I have quite a few new favourite shows… So I’ve been a massive fan of The Mortal Instruments books for ages but I liked Jamie, Lily and Kevin so much as Jace, Clary and Alec that for the longest time I refused to watched the Shadowhunters TV series. I decided to give it a go this month and surprise, surprise… I love it! I like the actors just as much and it’s so great to watch things with much more detail than in the movie, you know? If you like the books, I totally recommend it! There’s also this new series called Riverdale (there’s only one episode out yet) but omg I watched it and it’s amazing! I can’t wait for more! A few of my favourite shows returned this month like Sherlock (I don’t even have words to describe that last episode… Have you watched it?) and The Magicians which I’d been so excited about. Finally, One Piece, my all time favourite anime, keeps getting more and more interesting every week.

Back to things on that first picture, as you might or not know, I’m quite the tea lover and since I’ve been home almost all month, I’ve drinking a lot of tea. My favourites this month have to be Tetley’s Delicate Collection Mango Greet Tea which is so so good and Tetley’s Mind Super Tea which was my go-to tea while revising.

Before we get into skincare, make-up and all that stuff, there’s just two more things to talk about… So last week, since I was finished with exams, I went to my aunt’s house which is near the beach and almost every afternoon we left the house just a bit before sunset so that we could go watch it at the beach. I love watching the sunset but watching the sun actually setting in the ocean has to be my favourite thing, so here’s a picture I took in one of those days.


It’s so relaxing and calm and beautiful that I wish I could watch it there everyday.

The other thing I want to talk about is something I only bought last weekend and I even wondered if I should already put it in this month favourites or not. But I’d been going to Primark looking for it for such a long time and it is my current favourite thing in the whole world.


Yes, a Pikachu onesie! Isn’t it the cutest thing in the whole world? I’d been wanting one for so long and hoping Primark would have them and on Sunday I went there and I confess I freaked out a bit when I saw it. I immediately knew I needed to have it and now it’s my favourite thing to wear around the house.

Now, let’s finally talk about skincare and make-up products. First, the one thing I’ve been loving to use to moisturize my body is Yves Rocher’s Malaysian Coconut Silky Cream (it’s on the picture) and it’s just so good. I only started using it at the end of December and I’m already halfway through it. I just love the texture of it and the smell. To moisturize my hands, I’ve been loving The Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream which I got in their beauty advent calendar. I completely love the smell, the fresh feeling on my hands and how quickly it’s actually absorbed by the skin. Onto shower products, if you don’t know already after my Lush Haul blog post, my absolute fave is the Lord Of Misrule shower cream. I’ve also been loving the Santa’s Belly shower jelly a lot. Since we’re talking about Lush, I might as well tell you about my favourite bath bombs and bubble bars.


I actually used Never Mind The Ballistics and Shoot For The Stars back in December but I couldn’t not mention them. These were probably my two favourite bath bombs ever! They’re completely different from one another but they’re both just so so great!


I also bring you this little guy. It’s the  Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar and I actually used this one this month. I didn’t take any photos of the bath because all you could see were the bubbles. The water was a lovely blue though and I loved it!

Now onto make-up, I rarely ever used eyeshadow but this month I’ve actually been liking to wear it a lot. I don’t own many but from the ones I do own, I’ve basically only been reaching for The Blushed Nudes from Maybelline.


I swatched the colours from the palette so that you can see them better. I obviously use some of them more than others. I really like the first one on the right and the second starting from the bottom on the ones on the left. Related to this, another of my favourite products is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Original which I think is really good.

Now other thing I’ve been totally obsessed with is highlighters so I obviously had to share with you my favourite ones. I bought them in November when I went to Lisbon and I’ve been wearing them ever since.


My absolute favourite is the Solstice palette by Sleek Makeup and I completely love the four highlighters on it. I also swatched them but I couldn’t get a better picture because I had to use my phone. The ones on the left are the first two and the ones on the right the last two. The one I’ve used the most is the lighter one.

Another product I bought along with this and is a favourite of mine is the All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray by Urban Decay. It really helps your make-up last much longer!

Last but not least, one thing I almost never get out of the house without is lipstick and there’s a couple of them I’ve been obsessed with.


Recently, these are the four lipsticks I’ve been wearing the most. The first one is The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid in the shade Goa Magnolia 026 and it’s just such a great lipstick! I love the colour and how it looks and it also smells really nice when you first put it on. The next two are from Nyx and are the Liquid Suede in the shade Tea & Cookies (I actually just found out its name and it’s such a cute name) and the Cosmic Metals in the shade Speed Of Light which I also absolutely love. I’d wanted a metallic lipstick for a while and when I found this one in this shade I just fell in love with it. The last one is a lipstick I’ve had for quite a while but still use and love a lot. It’s from H&M in the shade 010 In A Nutshell (another great name!) and it’s not as matte as the first two but it’s still great to use on a normal day.

So I guess these are all my January favourite! Do you also like any of these things? Tell me your opinions.

Until next time,



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