Back at uni

I started this post sunday night but I ended up not publishing it because I didn’t like how it was going. Now that I’ve been back  at university for a couple of days, there’s a bit more I can say about it.


Tomorrow I start a new semester at university. Just three more and I’m out of there with my major in chemical engineering. And I still don’t know what I want to do after that. Granted, I’m a bit less clueless than I used to be, but still pretty clueless. Hopefully I’ll figure things out along the way.
I was looking at my new timetable earlier today and realised that I’m starting to see my friends from my course less and less as we start having different subjects. And I can already tell is going to be a weird semester. It’s also going to be a busy and hard one. However, I’m looking forward to it. Even though I know in two months I’ll be so so tired, I’m quite excited about it now.



University has been great so far. Even though, as I predicted, I’ve barely had time to spend with my friends from my course… The amount of assignments we have to hand in this semester is enormous along with tests and exams… We have a subject where we have this really big group project with four presentations throughout the semester and little assignments during our lectures (for example, for next tuesday, we have to search why the Stradivarius violins are different from the other violins in a chemical engineering point of view, which I admit is kind of cool).  Today we had someone coming from Porto to our class to talk to us about Design Thinking and it was a really interesting lecture! I still haven’t had any lectures of one subject (but I’m looking forward to that one tomorrow) so I can’t talk about it but the others are seeming quite interesting so far (with one exception but I wasn’t expecting to like all of them anyway).
I also have a course dinner tomorrow (it’s just ladies night, really) which I’m quite excited about, especially because I wasn’t really expecting the invite, but it’ll be great to hangout with all of those girls including some that have become such good friends of mine.

So yeah, uni has been great so far but then again it’s only the first week so I don’t have much to do for uni. As I’ve pointed out, I know this semester will be a busy and exhausting one and I’m even more aware of it now that I’ve had some lectures but for now I’m looking forward to all that’s to come (even if I’m panicking a bit with the amount of work).

This was just a little update I wanted to do. I hope you’re all good.

Until next time,



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