May Book Haul


It’s been a while since I last published something but it’s the end of the semester so I haven’t had much time these past couple of weeks. I turned twenty-two on the 27th, so there’s that (22 by Taylor Swift might or not be my go to song at the moment…).

Anyway, I was going through the books I bought in May, thinking I’d only bought like two or three when I realised I bought quite a few so I decided to once again share them here.


  • Cassandra Clare – Lady Midnight

After reading The Mortal Instruments series, I’d been wanting to start this one for a while. I still haven’t but I’ve bought the book, which is a start…

  • Paula Pimenta – A Princesa Adormecida (I guess in english it would translate to Sleeping Princess)

The author is Brazilian so I really don’t know if it has been translated to any other languages other than Portuguese (I actually think the book was translated from the Portuguese spoken in Brazil to the one spoken in Portugal because I read it and it didn’t seem from Brazil at all). Anyway, it’s a shame if this book isn’t translated to any other language because I loved it so much! It’s such a good book! It’s about a princess that has to move away to another country (Portugal, actually) because she’s in danger and she lives with her uncles and they don’t let her have much freedom just to protect her, but then one day she decides to go out without them knowing and she meets a boy and things get complicated. But you know, it’s a very light book to read and it’s quite addicting. I was finished with it like four hours after I started reading it to be honest….

  • Rex Stout – Black Orchids

Well, I actually got this book for free. It’s from an old collection of crime and mystery short novels and there’s was this campaign at the book store that if you bought one of the new books from that collection, you’d get one of the old ones so that’s what I did.

  • Ellery Queen – Halfway House

This was the book I bought from the collection to get the last one for free. Plus, it was really cheap as well!

  • Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler – The Future Of Us

I bought this one mainly because it’s from the same writer as Thirteen Reasons Why, but it also seemed a very interesting book.

  • Haruki Murakami – Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

I actually didn’t buy this one. It was a birthday gift from my cousins and their girlfriends, since they all know I love books so much. It’s a bit different from what I normally ready and they knew that when they bought it, but they thought it was good from me to read other type of books and I honestly can’t wait to read it, because it seems quite intriguing.


So yeah, this was what I had for today. I have a couple more post planned so I hope that I have time for them. Don’t forget to tell me if you’ve read any of these books and what you thought about them.

Until next time,

Jo xx


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