Hopeless Fountain Kingdom – Halsey

Hello everyone!

I’m back with another album review, this time of Halsey’s second album: Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

Before we get into that, I just want to update you on two things. First, I created an instagram account exclusively for my blog so feel free to follow me on there if you want (@justme_joana). Secondly, next Wednesday, I’ll be starting my summer internship (which I’m really anxious but also excited about) and I’ll be there the whole month of July and the last three weeks of August, so I’m sorry if I don’t have much time to be on here.

Now that all updates have been made, let’s start this review, shall we?

I’ve been a fan of Halsey since Room 93 (her EP) and I absolutely loved her first album Badlands. With that said, it’s no surprise I was beyond excited about her second album. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is very different from Badlands but I love it. Along with All Time Low’s new album, these are basically the only two albums I’ve listened since they were out.

Of course there are songs I like more than others, so I’m going to share my opinion on all of them now.

  • The Prologue

This is the perfect intro. It starts with Halsey reciting the beginning of the play of Romeo and Juliet. I find it really cool that she decided to start her album like that.

She has said the album is kind of about the plotline of Romeo and Juliet, which makes this intro just right.

  • 100 Letters

This one is about the end of a relationship that was taking a toll on a person. It’s about finally realising that the relationships was toxic and have the strength to do something about it.

Besides, there’s this lyric that says “you wrote 100 letters just for me” and the first time I heard it I immediately remembered her song Is There Somewhere from Room 93 where she sings “You’re writing lines about me; romantic poetry”. I think it’s really how she makes this connection and story-line between songs and she has admitted that she does it on purpose.

Favourite lyrics:

“But I don’t let him touch me anymore
I said “I’m not something to butter up
And taste when you get bored
‘Cause I have spent too many nights on dirty bathroom floors
To find some peace and quiet right behind a wooden door””

“You wrote 100 letters just for me
And I find them in my closet in the pockets of my jeans”

  • Eyes Closed

The first time I heard this song it was a stripped live version she posted on youtube and I admit I like it better than the normal version. Still, it’s probably one of the songs I like the most in this album.

Favourite lyrics:

“I, I know where to lay
I know what to say
It’s all the same”

“Now if I keep my eyes closed he looks just like you
But he’ll never stay, they never do”

  • Heaven in Hiding

This is definitely one of my favourite songs about it. I just love the feeling of it, the beat, the lyrics, her voice, everything.

I recently heard a interview of her where she said this song and the next one, in the Romeo and Juliet universe of the album, are about the same moment (a house party) and one is from Romeo’s point of view and the other from Juliet’s. Since then, I’ve listening to these two songs together a lot.

Favourite lyrics:

“Sittin’ on the counter in your kitchen
Can you hear my heartbeat fucking kickin’?”

“And when you start to feel the rush
A crimson headache, aching blush
And you surrender to the touch, you’ll know
I can put on a show, I can put on a show
Don’t you see what you’re finding?
This is Heaven in hiding”

  • Alone

I really like the lyrics of this song. I can relate to it to a certain extent and I can see why Halsey would write a song like this, because even with the fame and having people always around, she must feel quite alone sometimes.

Favourite lyrics:

“See, everywhere I go
I got a million different people tryna’ kick it
But I’m still alone in my mind”

“I know you’re dying to meet me
But I can just tell you this
Baby, as soon as you meet me
You’ll wish that you never did”

“I got a problem with parties
‘Cause it’s loud in my brain
And I can never say sorry
‘Cause I won’t take the blame”

  • Now Or Never

This was the first song of the album to be out and I confessed I didn’t like it that much the first time I heard it. I’ve grown to like a lot though.

Favourite lyrics:

“Yeah, draw the line up
Don’t take no more time up, yeah
Make your mind up
I need you to make your mind up, yeah”

  • Sorry

I think I shed a few tears the first time I listened to this song. When it started I knew it was going to be a sad song and I started paying attention to the lyrics. That’s when I realised it was so relatable, at least for me.

It’s such a beautiful and well written song!

Favourite lyrics:

“I’ve missed your calls for months it seems
Don’t realize how mean I can be
‘Cause I can sometimes treat the people
That I love like jewelry
‘Cause I can change my mind each day
I didn’t mean to try you on”

“So I’m sorry to my unknown lover
Sorry that I can’t believe that anybody ever really
Starts to fall in love with me”

“I run away when things are good
And never really understood
The way you laid your eyes on me
In ways that no one ever could
And so it seems I broke your heart
My ignorance has struck again
I failed to see it from the start
And tore you open ’til the end”

  • Good Mourning

This is the interlude of the album and I love it. It’s partially spoken and I’ve just found out it was her younger brother speaking. I really like the lyrics in this and at the end of it there’s a chorus that talks about the sun coming out, which suggests a new chapter beginning.

Favourite lyrics (basically the whole thing):

“They told me once, “there’s a place where love conquers all”
A city with the streets full of milk and honey
I haven’t found it yet, but I’m still searching
All I know is a hopeless place that flows with the blood of my kin
Perhaps hopeless isn’t a place
Nothing but a state of mind
They told me once, “don’t trust the moon, she’s always changing”
The shores bend and break for her
And she begs to be loved
But nothing here is as it seems”

  • Lie (feat. Quavo)

The first time  I heard this song, it reminded me of something but I just couldn’t figure out what. It took me a while to realise that, for some reason, the first part of this song reminded me of Twenty One Pilots.

I really like the lyrics of the song and it makes me which that maybe the song was a bit longer.

Favourite lyrics:

“Breakfast is cold, as cold as our bed
I’m watching you choke down the words that you said
I watch you devour, mistake me for bread
Well boy, is you fed? Or are you misled?”

  • Walls Could Talk

This is another of my favourite songs! I don’t understand why it is so short!

Honestly, I just love the vibe of this song. It’s not even about the lyrics, it’s just how the song turned out.

Favourite lyrics:

“Been about three days and I’m comin’ back
I’m about four minutes from a heart attack
And I think you make me a maniac
But you don’t know”

“And I’m thinking “damn, if these walls could talk”

Well, they’d be like
“Shit is crazy right?”
I ain’t your baby no more”

“Been about two weeks since you went away
I’m about halfway through a Cabernet
And I go, I’m wastin’ a Saturday
Sittin’ at ho-home
Told my new roommate not to let you in
But you’re so damn good with a bobby pin
Now you gon’ play me like a violin
Hittin’ these no-notes”

  • Bad At Love

I really liked this song the first time I heard it but somehow it’s just not one of my favourites anymore. The title is pretty self-explanatory, it’s about not knowing how to love someone.

Favourite lyrics:

“I’m bad at love
But you can’t blame me for tryin’
You know I’d be lyin’ sayin’
You were the one
That could finally fix me
Lookin’ at my history
I’m bad at love”

  • Don’t Play

This song is very different in my opinion and at first I didn’t like it but now I’ve grown to.

Favourite lyrics:

“I’m moving on
I’m getting paid
I’m on my own
I had some space to deal with it
I’m moving on
It’s getting late
Go and grab someone and find a place to deal with it”

  • Strangers (feat. Lauren Jauregui)

Another of my favourites! This song was out before the album and I immediately felt in love with it. I’m also a fan of Lauren and Fifth Harmony so I was really excited about this. Besides, I think it’s amazing how Halsey and Lauren got together to sing a song with feminine pronouns because, with both of them being bi,  it’s a very important song for the LGBT community.

Now, into the song, I really like how well their voices go together. I basically listened to it hours straight once it was out.

Favourite lyrics:

“She doesn’t kiss me on the mouth anymore
Cause it’s more intimate, than she thinks we should get”

“We’re not lovers, we’re just strangers
With the same damn hunger
To be touched, to be loved, to feel anything at all”

  • Angel On Fire

This is another song I love in the album (I feel like I’m repeating myself a lot). It’s another song I can relate to in some points and I’ve been listened it and the next one a lot because of that.

Favourite lyrics:

“Cause they talk and drink and laugh ’bout things
And fall in love in my backyard
I hide and cower in the corner
Conversation’s getting hard
‘Cause nobody seems to ask about me anymore
And nobody seems to care ’bout anything I think
And nobody seems to recognize me in the crowd
In the background screamin’, “everybody, look at me””

“And I’m faded away, you know, I used to be on fire
I’m standin’ in the ashes of who I used to be”

“I flew too closely to the sun that’s setting in the East
And now I’m melting from my wings”

“Now it’s my own anxiety that makes the conversation hard”

  • Devil In Me

Like I said, I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately especially on days that I feel the worst. I can relate to it a lot!

Favourite lyrics:

“You said I
Should eat my feelings
Head held high”

“And I went tumbling down trying to reach your high
But I scream too loud if I speak my mind”

“I don’t wanna wake it up
The devil in me”

“You said I’m
Too much to handle
You said I
Shine too bright
I burnt the candle
Flew too high”

  • Hopeless (feat. Cashmere Cat)

Honestly, as bad as it sounds, I kind of forget about this song. It’s not bad or anything but it’s just not my type of song. So I almost don’t listen to it and that’s why I kind of forget it exists…

Favourite lyrics:

“Cause you know the truth hurts
But secrets kill
Can’t help thinkin’ that I love it still
Still here, there must be something real
‘Cause you know the good die young
But so did this
And so it must be better than I think it is”


So this is all for now, I hope you liked this review and go listen to this album!

Until next time,

Jo x


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