A Story In Pink

Hello everyone!

I bring you a somewhat different post today. It’ll just be me rambling about something. It’s just that I woke up this morning and I had decided I’d be finally making my blog post about my trip to Paris but then I started thinking about something and I was like “why don’t I talk about this on the blog?”.  So here it is…

This is how it starts: I recently bought a pink sweater. You might be thinking “seriously? that’s it?” so let me explain… I don’t really wear pink. I mean, I own a couple of pink clothes (I can only remember a jacket and a tshirt I actually bought this summer) but I don’t use them that much. Recently I was at Primark and I saw this cosy light pink sweater and I immediately fell in love with it. It came as a surprise because I didn’t remember the last time I had wanted to buy pink clothes.

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The Internet Made Me Buy It #1

Hello everyone!

I know it’s been a while and the excuse is the same as always: university. This semester we have a big group project that is basically consuming almost all of my time. I also started researching articles related to my thesis. So, with those two things, the little free time I do have is spent mostly reading so that I can relax and forget about my worries for a bit.

Since I’ve been away from the blog for a while and I really wanted to change that, I decided to start organizing my time a little better. I might end up having to write a blog post in two or three goes in order to stick to my schedule but at least I’ll blog more often, which is something I really want to happen.

Anyway, a couple of months ago I started seeing youtubers doing “Youtube/Internet made me buy it” videos and I thought it was really interesting. I immediately thought it was something I might try out on the blog. That’s what brings me here today and the items I’ll be telling you about the Holler and Glow Printed Sheet Masks. Continue reading

September Book Haul

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while… My life has been so busy the past month that I couldn’t find time to blog. I’ve been planning this post since the beginning of October but time flew by… I went to Paris a week ago and it was amazing (I really want to blog about that so here’s hoping I find some time for it). I’ve been sick almost since I came back (if I’d known, I would have just stayed there, right?). Continue reading

Montagne Jeunesse Haul

Hello everyone!

I’m sorry about my absence this past week but uni started again and it’s been busy. It’s the last year of my master’s degree and this week we had to take care of a couple of things regarding our thesis (which we’ll be doing in the next semester), paired with our classes starting. Anyway, I might do a blog post about all that if you’re interested so let me know if you are. However, that’s not what brings me here today…

I’m here today to talk to you about the Montagne Jeunesse masks and all the different ones I bought a while ago. I think I first heard about this brand here on WordPress and the first time I saw them for sale in my city it was in Primark. Since then I’ve found another place at the mall that sells their products (not as cheap as in Primark) and last week I found yet another place in my city (which is the most expensive of the three). Continue reading

August Beauty Buys

Hello everyone!

My summer internship has finally ended and now I’m currently enjoying some short holidays at home because uni starts again next week (oh the joy…). Anyway, I’m back with another beauty post, this time to share with you what I bought during August. Continue reading

Highlighters: Too Many or Not Enough?

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve all been good. I only have 4 more days of my summer internship (currently in the middle of the 4th one when I realised I saved this as a draft instead of publishing it last night) and I honestly can’t wait for it to end, even though after it does I will be missing it like crazy… It’s been amazing but I’m just so so exhausted. I’ve been going to bed at 11 p.m. the past couple of nights and believe me when I tell you that’s really unusual for me.

Anyway, today I’m here to talk to you about my favourite make-up item: highlighters! I own quite a few because it’s so hard to resist them and the only reason I don’t own more is because I’ve been exercising my self-restraint.

So I’m going to show you my collection of highlighters before telling you my opinion on them. Continue reading

July Book Haul

Hello everyone!

I’m currently in Spain with my parents and my brother having some well deserved rest. I wanted to share with you, once again, the books I bought this past month. So the thing is… Since I was starting my internship at the beginning of July, I actually thought I wasn’t going to have time to go buy books and I was pretty happy to save that money. How silly of me to have thought that… I actually don’t remember the last time I bought this many books. Anyhow, I’ve pretty happy with all the books I bought and I’m actually going through them pretty quickly now that I have days filled with doing nothing but what I please (which mainly includes reading, by the way).

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Life Update + Dunkirk

Hey everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Since I started my summer internship on the 5th of July, my life got a whole new level of busy. I work from 8:30 to 5:30 in the afternoon and by the time I get home I just have no energy to do anything productive. Sometimes I don’t even have energy to do anything besides lying on the couch. Anyway, apart from the tiredness, it’s been amazing! I’m loving it way more than I thought I would and everyone is just so nice that I already feel like I’ve been working there for months. I’m going on holidays next week with my parents and then I’ll come back to the internship until the 1st of September. I’m not even mad anymore about not having a summer because this experience will definitely make me grow as a person (it already has). Continue reading